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securecrt6.5中文破解版作为 Windows 平台的 SSH 客户端,SecureCRT 的功能已足够强大,支持 SSH2、SSH1、Telnet、Telnet/SSH、Relogin、Serial、TAPI、RAW 等协议,不过最吸引我的是,SecureCRT 支持标签化 SSH 对话,从而可方便地管理多个 SSH 连接,设置项也极为丰富。




自从博客空间开始使用高品质 Linode VPS 以来,为了管理 Linux,就免不了跟 SSH 打交道,刚开始用的是基础的 PuTTY+WinSCP 组合,但后来渐觉 PuTTY 的不便,如不能记忆密码、多帐号管理不方便等,就开始寻找替代软件,然后就发现 SecureCRT 了,这是一个易用且灵活的 SSH 客户端,非常可用。包括:x86和x64

另外一个比较有名的是 SSH 客户端是 Tunnelier,功能也很有特色,且是免费软件,Linux 平台的话,可以使用 PAC Manager,据说可以实现几乎每一个 SecureCRT 可以实现的功能。


Changes in SecureCRT 7.2.3 (Official) ­­ April 1, 2014 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Bug fixes: ­ Windows: If the Quick Connect dialog was sh> own at startup and     dismissed, clicking on the Session Manager button in the toolbar     caused SecureCRT to crash.   ­ If the global value of "Menu Toolbar File V2" specified a templated     value, such as "$VDS_INSTALL_PATH, SecureCRT crashed on startup.   ­ When sessions were sorted using the option to arrange the tree     logically, the sessions were not sorted correctly.   ­ In the Quick Connect dialog, if options such as "Show quick connect     on startup" or "Save session" were changed and then the dialog was     cancelled, the options were saved.   ­ If a new color scheme that had the same properties as an existing     color scheme was created, it was not saved.   ­ SSH2: When the /LOCAL parameter was specified on the command line,     the port forward was not established.   ­ SSH2: When the /REMOTE parameter was specified on the command line,     the remote port forward was not established.   ­ Windows: For all dialogs, tooltips were added to buttons without     text labels in order to provide button information for screen     readers such as JAWS.   ­ Mac: Buttons or keys mapped to the menu functions     MENU_RECEIVE_ASCII, MENU_SEND_ASCII, or MENU_SEND_BINARY did not     work.   ­ Mac: On 10.9 (Mavericks), the text on button labels and list views     was not aligned correctly.   ­ Mac: On 10.9 (Mavericks), disabled menu items appeared to be     available instead of being grayed out.




SecureCrt7.0汉化包中文补丁:这是SecureCrt7.0汉化包中文补丁,SecureCRT是一款用于连接运行包括Windows、UNIX和VMS的理想工具。通过使用内含的VCP命令行程序可以进行加密文件的传输。有流行 CRTTelnet客户机的所有特点,包括:自动注册、对不同主机保持不同的特性、打印功能、颜色设置、可变屏幕尺寸、用户定义的键位图和优良的 VT100,VT102,VT220和ANSI竞争.能从命令行中运行或从浏览器中运行.其它特点包括文本手稿、易于使用的工具条、用户的键位图编辑器、可定制的ANSI颜色等.SecureCRT的SSH协议支持DES,3DES和RC4密码和密码与RSA鉴别。

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