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Malwarebytes is a complete antivirus replacement to protect you from malware, ransomware, exploits, and malicious websites and apps. Video tutorial available.

An all-in-one repair tool to help fix a large majority of known Windows problems including registry errors and file permissions. A very handy use for Windows Repair is after a malware infection or other stubborn problems.

Advanced SystemCare is a popular and efficient all-in-one computer tweaker that will help clean, optimize, speed up and protect your computer. It is well known for its one-click approach to clean, optimize, speed up, and protect your computer while still allowing for the manual application of these settings and much more.

MusicBee is geared toward managing music collections, easy to use and with a comprehensive list of features.

Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager is a portfolio manager for your stocks, shares, investments or trading positions.

iTunes for Windows lets you connect and manage your Apple devices to your Windows computer.

K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool will scan for broken filters, give you the details, and then the option to remove them.

SmallUtilities Suite is a collection of 74 Home command-line utilities.

Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit Bloatware freeware Edition is a custom built ISO with all of the bloat removed.

PhotoPad is a slick photo editor that permits you to manipulate most aspects of your photo images.

VSO Downloader lets you Free Download videos from thousands of sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more video as well as audio streaming sites. Opera Web Browser is a freeware web browser that originally started as a research project back in 1995 and today continues to be a fast, safe and secure web browser. Professional version available here. Video walkthrough available. ColorConsole quite simply does exactly what it says; allows you to use (cmd.exe) (DOS prompt) with colors and adds additional features.

PE-sieve can scan running processes on your computer to detect memory code modifications. This can be especially useful for finding malware running on your computer.

Red Button is a one-click system optimization tools that, once configured, can clean your hard drive and registry as well as apply quality tweaks, wipe data, clear memory, remove apps, and more.

The Spybot Search and Destroy Update is intended for updating your detections without the need for the included WebUpdate. Video tutorial available.

InViewer is a lightweight and fast media viewer that not only supports most standard image formats, it also plays most video and audio formats as well.

Open General is an intense strategy game that is an evolution of the popular SSI Panzer General II.

PSIping is a simple, yet Home free app with a graphical interface to ping a target host.

GSoft4U Music Collection allows you to fully organize your music collection into a quality searchable archive.

Update your Advanced SystemCare Ultimate when not connected to the internet or having troubles with the automatic update.

Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Utility are the latest drivers for most Intel wireless cards including Centrino, Dual Band, Tri-Band, and more.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a comprehensive PC protection solution against trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, bots, keyloggers, rootkits and dialers.

Geekbench is an essential cross-platform benchmark that you can use for measuring the quality of your Computer's processor and RAM.

Steam is a gaming platform with digital distribution, multiplayer, and communications developed by Valve Corporation.

VidCoder is a DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application for Windows that utilizes HandBrake as its encoding engine.

RealTimes RealPlayer saves all your photos and videos and turns them into beautiful stories that you can easily share at any time with friends and family, or relive them for yourself on any device.

Paint.NET is a freeware image and photo editing Utility that features an intuitive and innovative user interface.

Comodo Dragon is a Chromium technology-based Browser that offers you all of Chrome's features.

F-secure Uninstallation Tool will scan for and then delete F-Encrypted products from your computer.

Memory Optimizer Pro is a simple, one-click solution to free memory on your computer.

CAM is a paid system monitor, information, overclocking, and tuning application.

NetBalancer freeware can set and monitor your Fetch and upload transfer rate priority for applications.

OpenedFilesView displays the list of all opened files on your system.

HandBrake is an open-source, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. Stable version is also available.

PaperScan paid is a powerful universal scanning tool with an OCR engine for making document acquisition an easy task for anyone.

Gaia Sky is a real-time, 3D, astronomy visualization Software developed in the framework of ESA's Gaia mission to chart about 1 billion stars in our Galaxy.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder puts all the screen recording options you need in one toolbox allowing you to record audio to MP4 video files or snap high-quality screenshots in PNG/JPG/BMP formats and more.

StarCodec is a complete installer of codecs for playing multiple media file types in a convenient and stable environment.

BirdFont is a free and Open Source font editor that lets you create vector graphics and export TTF, EOT & SVG fonts.

Tweak-SSD has everything you need to tweak your SSD drive.

Image Tuner is a paid program for batch resizing, converting, watermarking and renaming your digital photos and images from and to JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF formats.

SuperAntiSpyware is one of the top tools for removing malware, viruses and other threats.

Syncthing is a portable Open Source replacement from proprietary sync and cloud services designed to be safe, secure, and decentralized.

Alternate Quick Audio is a slick program that will allow you an easy way to record WAVs or MP3s, and more.

Alternate Textbrowser makes it easy to browse through text, html and xml files with syntax highlighting for several programming languages including C++, Pascal, PHP, Perl, ASM, JScript and more.

MediaInfo is freeware Client that will supply technical and tag information about a video or audio file.

NTLite is an all-in-one Windows customization tool that offers a robust set of options for modifying and removing unnecessary components from the standard distribution of Windows.

Skype has the advantage of being one of the longest running, well-known video chat clients.

Quick Access Popup is a small tool for managing all your files and folders, as a result, it will clear up the numerous shortcuts you have cluttering up your desktop.

VideoPad Video Editor is a full-featured video editing Software for producing Home quality videos.

PenguinProxy gives you a simple to setup VPN service which is community-powered.

Grammarly for Chrome helps make you a better writer by assisting in finding and correcting mistakes within a body of text, effectively fixing up to 10x more errors than your standard word processor. Also available for Firefox. Smart Defrag Home automatically and quietly works in the background on your PC, keeping your hard disk running at its best. This is one of many tools available with Advanced SystemCare freeware.

Microsoft Malicious Utility Removal Tool is an anti-malware Client that checks computers running Windows for infections by specific malicious Client.

Old Reddit Redirect for Chrome will ensure that you always load the old ( design instead.

Valentina Studio is a database management app for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Valentina DB, and SQLite.

Black Menu for Google is a Chrome extension that enables you to easily access all the most commonly used Google services.

POP Peeper is an email notifier that runs in your Windows task bar and alerts you when you have new email.

Roboform Everywhere is a push-button web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside.

GoodSync will backup and sync your files between your computer, mobile device or drive without any need for the cloud.

Run-Command is a small program designed to be a fully functional alternative to the standard Microsoft Windows Run-Dialog.

GameJolt client allows you to browse, Free Download, purchase, manage and update your GameJolt games.

Unbound is a command line Client that allows you to validate and resolve DNS caches effectively permitting you to block malicious websites and more.

Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool can diagnose and resolve issues with Microsoft Genuine Advantage components.

Nvidia GeForce Drivers for Windows 10 is a reference driver that can be installed on supported NVIDIA desktop/notebook GPUs. For complete driver and game management try, NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Nvidia Geforce Drivers for Windows 7\Win 8 is a reference driver that can be installed on supported NVIDIA desktop/notebook GPUs. For complete driver and game management try, NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

Adobe Flash Player is a lightweight browser plug-in that delivers audio/video playback and gameplay.

Download and run the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller to remove all versions of Adobe Flash Player from all browsers on your machine.

The Adobe AIR runtime enables developers to use proven web technologies in order to create rich Internet applications.

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based service that creates a folder on your Computer automatically backs up everything between your computers and

Mixxx is an audio player that has everything you need to start making DJ mixes in one package.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus gives you fast, effective and easy-to-use virus protection without getting in your way.

Smart Defrag can defragment files, folder, and entire drives as needed or scheduled. It also features SSD trimming to prolong your SDD quality and life. Video walkthrough available. Also part of Advanced SystemCare freeware.

SideSlide cleans desktop clutter and makes your computer friendlier and faster than ever before.

RJ TextEd portable is a web development tool plus a text editor with many features including syntax highlighting advanced column mode, and text folding. Installer also available. RJ TextEd is a web development tool plus a text editor with many features including syntax highlighting, advanced column mode, and text folding. Home version also available.

KeePass Password Safe is an open-source password manager or safe which helps you to manage your passwords in a Encrypted way.

WinContig is an easy-to-use stand-alone defragmentation tool that doesn't create any installation directories or registry entries on your computer.

Robocode is a programming game, where the goal is to develop a robot battle tank to battle against other tanks in Java or .NET.

TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite provides you with a set of tools for OS deployment and more tailored for power users and IT professionals.

FireAlpaca is a free paint tool with simple tools and controls that let you draw an illustration quickly.

Xshell is a powerful terminal emulator that supports SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN, and Crack.

Xftp is an SFTP/FTP Client with a direct edit, multiple panes, folder synchronization, 3rd party editor integration, and more.

1gram can play your favorite media, create playlists, and explore YouTube.

WeatherInfo provides weather data for your current location or any place you choose.

EarthTime will keep you up-to-date on the weather, and local time from anywhere in the world.

Enigma Virtual Box enables application files and registry to be consolidated in a single executable file, without loss of efficiency and without virtualized files having to be extracted to the HDD.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware effectively targets PC threats, including adware, malware, and PUPs allowing you to purge them with ease - ensuring that your machine will remain safe from virus/malware attacks.

NewFileTime allows you to manipulate timestamps on any file or folder on your system, making them younger or older, or even set a specific date/time.

Adaware Web Companion is a set of tools that you can load as browser extensions to keep your web surfing safe.

Easy2Boot is a portable app that can turn any bootable USB drive into bootable media including Windows and Linux.

CDex is focused on ripping and converting things like turning your Home CD collection into an MP3 collection on your hard drive. Available as a Professional app here.

MediaInfo is paid Utility with the purpose of supplying the user with useful technical and tag information about a video or audio file.

Balabolka is a mildly customizable text to speech application that is capable of utilizing all the installed computer voices on your Computer.

Total Uninstall is a complete uninstaller for analyzing your existing installations including installation change log creation and will uninstall programs without using the 'Add Remove' program.

What's My Computer Doing is meant as a security application to research if all running processes and services are safe.

League of Legends is an online game inspired by the popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Second Life is an online 3D world where everyone you see is a real person, and every place you visit is built by people just like you.

Phoenix OS is an Android based operating system that you can install on your hard drive or as a bootable DVD or thumb drive. Also available for 32-Bit here.

USB Safely Remove is an enhanced and hassle-freeware replacement for Windows safe removal tool.

FrostWire is a BitTorrent client as well as a media player capable of searching BitTorrent, YouTube, SoundCloud and other sources.

OOTD - Outlook on the Desktop will place the Microsoft Outlook Calendaring system right on your desktop.

DesktopCal helps you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more...all without blocking access to any of your desktop icons.

Snappy Driver Installer Origin is a fork of Snappy Driver Installer designed by a former contributing developer and build master who felt that project had gone astray.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for graphics editing for Commercial users, photographers, and other professionals.

MeinPlatz, or My-Place, offers an easy and fast way to scan the hard disk for lost disk space.

FileOptimizer is an advanced file manager and optimizer featuring a lossless (no quality loss) file size reduction that supports many formats.

Any Video Converter is an all-in-one video converting tool that features an easy-to-use graphical interface and fast converting speeds with excellent video quality.

EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screen saver, which displays beautiful views of the earth with daylight and night shadows.

XnConvert was developed to be a simple, yet powerful tool, that allows you to easily convert images. From the author of the popular XnView and XnView MP.

EZ CD Audio Converter is an all-in-one music converter that rips Audio CDs, converts audio files from one format to another, edits metadata of audio files.

XMedia Recode can convert almost all known audio and video formats.

Database .NET is a powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool.

Tablacus Explorer is a tabbed file manager with Add-on support.

FreeVimager is a free image viewer & editor for Windows. Mozilla Thunderbird is a paid cross-platform email application that's easy to set up and customize - and it's loaded with great features! Mozilla Thunderbird Final also available.

EF System Monitor gives you a well-rounded tool which can be used to retrieve a permanent record of information, on all your network computers, these records include; memory space, hard disk usage, date, time, and user name.

ICQ (or 'I Seek You') is an instant messaging service that permits you to find friends, colleagues, and people with similar interests and chat freely.

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S.No Client Vendor Added Date 1Mozilla Thunderbird (52.9.0) MozillaJul 4, 20182Mozilla Firefox ESR (x64) (60.1.0) mozillaJul 3, 20183Mozilla Firefox ESR (60.1.0)FrontMotionJul 3, 20184Allway Sync (x64) (18.7.5)Botkind IncJul 3, 20185Allway Sync (18.7.5)Botkind IncJul 3, 20186SugarSync (3.9.8)SugarSync, Inc.Jul 3, 20187Oracle VM VirtualBox (5.2.14)Oracle CorporationJul 3, 20188GeoGebra (5.0.476.0) International GeoGebra InstituteJul 3, 20189Poedit (2.0.8)Vaclav SlavikJul 3, 201810Evernote ( Corp.Jul 3, 201811Notepad plus plus (x64) (7.5.7)Notepad TeamJul 2, 201812Notepad plus plus (7.5.7)Notepad TeamJul 2, 201813Opera Stable (x64) (54.0.2952.41) Opera SoftwareJun 29, 201814PDF24 Creator (8.4.2)www.pdf24.orgJun 29, 201815Opera Stable (54.0.2952.41) Opera SoftwareJun 29, 201816Honeyview ( 28, 201817Glary Utilities (5.100)Glarysoft LtdJun 27, 201818Mozilla Firefox (x64) (61.0)MozillaJun 27, 201819Dropbox (52.4.60)Dropbox, Inc.Jun 27, 201820WinRAR (X64) (5.60)win.rar GmbHJun 27, 201821WinRAR (5.60)win.rar GmbHJun 27, 201822Mozilla Firefox (61.0)MozillaJun 27, 201823Zoom (4.1.27348.0625) ZoomJun 26, 201824Google Chrome (x64) (67.0.3396.99) Google, Inc.Jun 26, 201825Google Chrome (67.0.3396.99)Google, Inc.Jun 26, 201826Wise Care 365 (4.8.9), Inc.Jun 25, 201827PDFCreator (3.2.2)Pdfforge GmbHJun 25, 201828LibreOffice (x64) (6.0.5)The Document FoundationJun 22, 201829LibreOffice (6.0.5) LibreOfficeJun 22, 201830Slack 3.2.0Slack TechnologiesJun 21, 201831VSDC freeware Video Editor version ( LLCJun 21, 201832Tableau Desktop 10.3 X64 (10.3.12)Tableau SoftwareJun 20, 201833Tableau Desktop 10.3 (10.3.12)Tableau SoftwareJun 20, 201834Bandizip ( 20, 201835Personal Backup (64-bit) ( J. RathlevJun 19, 201836Personal Backup (32-bit) ( J. RathlevJun 19, 201837WinSCP (5.13.3)Martin PrikrylJun 19, 201838Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 18.011.20040 Adobe Systems IncorporatedJun 18, 201839CrystalDiskInfo (7.6.1)Crystal Dew WorldJun 18, 201840Calibre (x64) (3.26.1)Kovid GoyalJun 18, 201841Calibre (3.26.1)Kovid GoyalJun 18, 201842Waterfox (x64) (56.2.1) mozillaJun 18, 201843Auslogics DiskDefrag ( Labs Pty LtdJun 18, 201844Auslogics Browser Care ( Labs Pty LtdJun 18, 201845Auslogics Duplicate File Finder ( Software Pty LtdJun 18, 201846Auslogics Registry Cleaner ( Software Pty LtdJun 18, 201847FileZilla Client (x64) (3.34.0)FileZilla ProjectJun 18, 201848FileZilla Client (3.34.0)File Zilla ProjectJun 18, 201849Adobe Shockwave Player ( Adobe Systems IncorporatedJun 12, 201850Pale Moon (x64) (27.9.3) mozillaJun 12, 201851Pale Moon (27.9.3) MozillaJun 12, 201852LogMeIn Hamachi LogMeIn, Inc.Jun 8, 201853Adobe Flash Player 30 ActiveX ( Adobe Systems IncorporatedJun 8, 201854Adobe Flash Player 30 PPAPI Adobe Systems IncorporatedJun 8, 201855Adobe Flash Player 30 NPAPI ( Adobe Systems IncorporatedJun 8, 201856Adobe AIR Adobe Systems IncorporatedJun 8, 201857CoreFTP LE (x64) (2.2.1921.0) Core FTPJun 6, 201858CoreFTP LE (2.2.1921.0) Core FTPJun 6, 201859Citrix Receiver ( Systems, Inc.Jun 5, 201860iCloud Apple Inc.Jun 4, 201861R for Windows 3.5.0R Core TeamJun 1, 201862ScreenpressoLearnpulseJun 1, 201863eDrawings 2018 x64Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks CorpJun 1, 201864Freemake Video Converter ( Assets CorporationJun 1, 201865VLC Media Player (X64) (3.0.3)VideoLANMay 30, 201866VLC Media Player (3.0.3)VideoLANMay 30, 201867CCleaner Slim 5.43PiriformMay 30, 201868PremiumSoft Navicat Essentials for PostgreSQL X64 (12.0.29) PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.May 29, 201869PremiumSoft Navicat Essentials for PostgreSQL (12.0.29)PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.May 29, 201870FrostWire (6.6.6)FrostWire LLCMay 28, 201871TightVNC Viewer 64 bit LLC.May 25, 201872TightVNC Viewer 32 bit LLC.May 25, 201873Box Sync (4.0.7911.0)Box IncMay 24, 201874Honeycam ( 24, 201875Wireshark (X64) (2.6.1) "The Wireshark developer community,"May 24, 201876Wireshark (2.6.1) The Wireshark developer community, http://www.wireshark.orgMay 24, 201877Kerio Control VPN Client (x64) (9.2.6)Kerio Technologies Inc.May 17, 201878Kerio Control VPN Client (9.2.6)Kerio Technologies Inc.May 17, 201879KeePass Password Safe Professional Edition (2.39.1)Keeper Security, IncMay 14, 201880EditPad Lite (7.6.4)Just Great SoftwareMay 11, 201881Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 Microsoft CorporationMay 9, 201882Aimp (4.51.2077)AIMP DevTeamMay 9, 201883Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 172 (64-bit) oracle corporationMay 8, 201884Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 172 (32-bit) Oracle CorporationMay 8, 201885Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 171 (64-bit) Oracle CorporationMay 8, 201886Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 171 (32-bit) Oracle CorporationMay 8, 201887PeaZip 6.6.0 (x64)Giorgio TaniMay 7, 201888FastStone Image Viewer (6.5)FastStone Soft.May 7, 201889SeaMonkey (2.49.3) mozillaMay 7, 201890WinZip 22.5 (x64)WinZip Computing, S.L.May 2, 201891TrillianCerulean Studios, LLCMay 2, 2018927 zip (x64) (18.05)Igor PavlovMay 2, 2018937 zip (18.05)Igor PavlovMay 2, 201894PDF-XChange Editor (x64) (7.0.325.1)Tracker Client Products LtdApr 25, 201895PDF-XChange Editor (7.0.325.1)Tracker Utility Products LtdApr 25, 201896Bandicam ( 19, 201897Java 8 Update 172 (64-bit) Oracle CorporationApr 18, 201898Java 8 Update 172 (32-bit) Oracle CorporationApr 18, 201899Java 8 Update 171 (64-bit) Oracle CorporationApr 18, 2018100Java 8 Update 171 (32-bit) Oracle CorporationApr 18, 2018101MozyHome (, Inc.Apr 12, 2018102MozyPro (, Inc.Apr 12, 2018103Sticky Password ( SoftwareApr 11, 2018104Blue Jeans (1.34.28)Blue JeansApr 11, 2018105Bandicut ( 10, 2018106GoodSync (10.8.4)Siber SystemsApr 10, 2018107Microsoft Power BI Desktop (x64) Microsoft CorporationApr 9, 2018108Microsoft Power BI Desktop (x86) Microsoft CorporationApr 9, 2018109HandBrake 1.1.0 (x64)HandBrakeApr 9, 2018110Apple iTunes (X64) ( Apple Inc.Apr 5, 2018111Apple iTunes ( Apple Inc.Apr 5, 2018112TeamViewer 13 (13.1.3629)TeamViewer GmbHApr 5, 2018113Mp3tag (2.87)Florian HeidenreichMar 30, 2018114ownCloud ( 29, 2018115Inkscape (x64) (0.92.3)Inkscape DevelopersMar 26, 2018116Inkscape (0.92.3)Inkscape DevelopersMar 26, 2018117Microsoft Teams (x64) Microsoft CorporationMar 23, 2018118Microsoft Teams Microsoft CorperationMar 23, 2018119ShareFile Outlook Plug-in Citrix Systems,IncMar 15, 2018120Citrix ShareFile Sync (X64) Citrix Systems,IncMar 15, 2018121Citrix ShareFile Sync (X86) Citrix Systems,IncMar 15, 2018122TeamViewer Host 13 (13.1.1548) TeamViewer GmbHMar 14, 2018123PDF-XChange Viewer (x64) (2.5.322.8)Tracker Client Products LtdMar 13, 2018124PDF-XChange Viewer (2.5.322.8)Tracker Software Products LtdMar 13, 2018125Tableau Reader x64 10.5.1Tableau SoftwareMar 6, 2018126LastPass (x64)LastPassMar 5, 2018127LastPass (x86) LastPassMar 5, 2018128TortoiseGit (x64) TortoiseGitMar 5, 2018129TortoiseGit (x86) TortoiseGitMar 5, 2018130uTorrent 3.5.3BitTorrent Inc.Feb 27, 2018131Atom 1.24.0 GitHub Inc.Feb 27, 2018132Bloomberg Portable 12072017 UnknownFeb 20, 2018133DraftSight 2018 SP1 x64 Dassault SystemesFeb 20, 2018134DraftSight 2018 SP1 Dassault SystemesFeb 20, 2018135MySQL Workbench 6.3.10 CE (x64) Oracle CorporationFeb 19, 2018136GetGo Free Download ManagerGetGo Software Ltd.Feb 19, 2018137RingCentral (9.4.3)RingCentral, IncFeb 1, 2018138MediaMonkey (4.1.20)Ventis Media Inc.Jan 29, 2018139Mozilla Firefox ESR (52.6.0) mozillaJan 24, 2018140TreeSize freeware ( SoftwareJan 23, 2018141Cybereason RansomFree Cybereason Inc.Jan 22, 2018142ActiveState ActivePython 2 (x64) ( Software IncJan 19, 20181432018-01 Security Update for Windows XP Embedded SP3 for x86-based Systems - Meltdown and Spectre (KB4056615) Microsoft CorporationJan 8, 20181442018-01 Security Update for Windows XP Embedded SP3 for x86-based Systems - Meltdown and Spectre (KB4056941) Microsoft CorporationJan 8, 2018145VMware Horizon Client (4.7.0) VMware, Inc.Jan 8, 2018146Beyond Compare 4.2.3Scooter SoftwareJan 4, 2018147Telegram Desktop version 1.2.6Telegram Messenger LLPJan 4, 2018148Jabra DirectGN Audio A/SJan 4, 2018149KeePass Password Safe Classic Edition (1.35)Keeper Security, IncJan 3, 2018150Reflector 3.0.1 (x64)SquirrelsJan 2, 2018151Open Office (4.1.5)OpenOffice.orgJan 2, 2018152Reflector 3.0.1 (x86)SquirrelsJan 2, 2018153Media Player Classic Professional 1.7.13 (x64) Media Player ClassicJan 2, 2018154Media Player Classic Commercial 1.7.13 (x86) Media Player ClassicJan 2, 2018155Advanced Installer 14.5.2 CaphyonJan 2, 2018156Actiontec ScreenBeam Wireless Display 2.4.1 Actiontec Electronics, Inc.Dec 29, 2017157RJ TextEd 12.61 Rickard JohanssonDec 21, 2017158Keeper Desktop version 11.4.0Keeper Security, Inc.Dec 18, 2017159WinZip 22.0 (x86)WinZip Computing, S.L.Dec 4, 2017160TeamViewer Host 13.0.5058 TeamViewerNov 30, 2017161Nextcloud"Nextcloud GmbH"Nov 30, 2017162picpick 4.2.8NGWINNov 20, 2017163WPS Office ( Kingsoft OfficeNov 15, 2017164Adobe Reader XI (11.0.23) MUI Adobe Systems, IncorporatedNov 15, 2017165Adobe Reader XI (11.0.23) Adobe Systems IncorporatedNov 15, 2017166grepWin 1.7.1 (x64)Stefans ToolsNov 9, 2017167grepWin 1.7.1 (x86)Stefans ToolsNov 9, 2017168DiffPDF 5.6.8 (x64)Qtrac Ltd.Nov 8, 2017169DiffPDF 5.6.8Qtrac Ltd.Nov 8, 2017170Foxit Reader CorporationNov 6, 2017171CDBurnerXP (x64)Canneverbe LimitedNov 6, 2017172CDBurnerXP LimitedNov 6, 2017173Snagit v18.0.0.462 TechSmith CorporationNov 4, 2017174IrfanView 4.50 (64-bit)Irfan SkiljanOct 31, 2017175IrfanView 4.50 (32-bit)Irfan SkiljanOct 31, 2017176iMacros Version 12.0.501.6698 (x64) Ipswitch, IncOct 31, 2017177iMacros Version 12.0.501.6698 (x86) Ipswitch, IncOct 31, 2017178XnView 2.43Gougelet Pierre-eOct 27, 2017179PDFsam Basic 3.3.4Andrea VacondioOct 26, 2017180Peazip 6.5.0Giorgio TaniOct 26, 2017181OpenOffice 4.1.4OpenOffice.orgOct 24, 2017182Microsoft SQL Portable Management Studio - 17.3 "Microsoft Corporation"Oct 23, 2017183UltraVNC (x64)uvnc bvbaOct 10, 2017184UltraVNC (x86)uvnc bvbaOct 10, 2017185Python 3.6.3Python Software FoundationOct 4, 2017186PureCloud 1.10.469.0Interactive Intelligence Inc.Oct 4, 2017187Wise Folder Hider 4.22, Inc.Sep 20, 2017188Druva Insync 5.9.6Druva Technologies Pte. Ltd.Sep 18, 2017189Google Drive 3.35.6251.4621 Google Inc.Sep 11, 2017190XnConvert 1.75 (x64)Gougelet Pierre-eSep 8, 2017191XnConvert 1.75 (x86)Gougelet Pierre-eSep 8, 2017192Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3233FamatechSep 7, 2017193CutePDF Writer SoftwareSep 7, 2017194Password Safe 3.43.0 for WindowsRony ShapiroAug 29, 2017195Foxit PhantomPDF 8.3.2Foxit Client Inc.Aug 28, 2017196Ares Galaxy 2.46AresGalaxyAug 25, 2017197Spotify 23, 2017198ActiveState Komodo Edit 10.2.3 (x86) ActiveState Utility IncAug 18, 2017199TortoiseSVN 1.9.7 (x64)TortoiseSVNAug 14, 2017200TortoiseSVN 1.9.7TortoiseSVNAug 14, 20172015KPlayer 4.6DearMob, Inc.Aug 8, 2017202Zoiper 3.15Securax LTDAug 3, 2017203GOM Player CorporationAug 2, 2017204PuTTY-0.70 (x64)Simon TathamAug 2, 2017205PuTTY 0.70Simon TathamAug 2, 2017206RoboForm 8.3.9Siber SystemsJul 26, 2017207Viber 6.8.5Viber Media Inc.Jul 21, 2017208Speccy 1.31PiriformJul 12, 2017209WeChat 10, 2017210Citrix Presentation Portable Client 10.100.55836 Citrix Systems, Inc.Jul 10, 2017211Wise Force Deleter, Inc.Jul 6, 2017212Veeam Endpoint Backup Client AGJul 4, 2017213WhatsApp 0.2.5093 (x64)WhatsAppJul 3, 2017214WhatsApp 0.2.5093WhatsAppJul 3, 2017215ASAP Utilities 7.3.1Bastien Mensink - A Must in Every Office BVJun 28, 2017216exacqVision Client (x64)Exacq TechnologiesJun 23, 2017217exacqVision Client (x86)Exacq TechnologiesJun 23, 2017218PNotes.NET GruberJun 21, 2017219ESET Endpoint Security 6.5.2094.0 (x64)ESET, spol. s r.o.Jun 20, 2017220ESET Endpoint Security 6.5.2094.0 (x86)ESET, spol. s r.o.Jun 20, 2017221Remote Professional Administration Tools for Windows 10 (x64) Microsoft CorporationJun 20, 2017222Remote Professional Administration Tools for Windows 10 (x86) Microsoft CorproationJun 20, 2017223ProjectLibreProjectLibreJun 20, 2017224WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL client 11.12.2WatchGuardJun 20, 2017225WatchGuard System Manager 11.12.4WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.Jun 20, 2017226UrBackup 2.1.16urbackupJun 20, 2017227AirParrot (x64)SquirrelsJun 20, 2017228AirParrot 20, 2017229PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.12.1 photofiltreJun 20, 2017230RingCentral Meetings 4.4Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and RingCentral Inc.Jun 19, 2017231Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008 (KB971119) Microsoft CorporationJun 19, 2017232Fiddler 4.6.20171.26113 telerikJun 19, 2017233GFI FaxMaker Client 6.0.3790.0 (x64)GFI Utility Ltd.Jun 13, 2017234GFI FaxMaker Client 6.0.3790.0 (x86)GFI Client Ltd.Jun 13, 2017235Reflector 2.7.5 (x64)SquirrelsJun 12, 2017236MediaInfo 0.7.96MediaArea.netJun 12, 2017237Everything (x64) UnknownJun 8, 2017238Everything UnknownJun 8, 2017239Tera Term 4.93Tera TermJun 7, 2017240SciTE Text Editor 3.7.5 (x64)ebswift.comJun 5, 2017241SciTE Text Editor 3.7.5ebswift.comJun 5, 2017242Bluebeam Revu x64 2017.0.10Bluebeam Utility, Inc.Jun 5, 2017243AirServer Universal 5.3.0 (x64)App DynamicJun 5, 2017244AirServer Universal 5.3.0 (x86)App DynamicJun 5, 2017245Linphone 3.11.1Belledonne communicationsJun 5, 2017246Cisco Spark 2.0.3970.0Cisco Systems, Inc.May 26, 2017247SketchUp Make 2017 (x64)Trimble, Inc.May 25, 2017248SketchUp Make 2016 (x86)Trimble Navigation LimitedMay 25, 2017249ActivePresenter 6.1.0Atomi Systems, Inc.May 25, 2017250VMware Workstation 12.5.6 VMware, Inc.May 24, 2017251VMware Player 12.5.6 VMware, Inc.May 24, 2017252Zoom Player 13.5Inmatrix LTDMay 24, 2017253AnyDVD HD Technology Co., Ltd.May 24, 2017254Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50906.0 (x64) Microsoft CorporationMay 22, 2017255Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50906.0 (x86) Microsoft CorporationMay 22, 2017256PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.322.4 (x64)Tracker Client Products LtdMay 22, 2017257PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.322.4 (x86)Tracker Client Products LtdMay 22, 2017258Google Earth Google, Inc.May 19, 2017259Extended Asian Language font pack for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 15.007.20033 Adobe Systems IncorporatedMay 12, 2017260GIMP 2.8.22The GIMP TeamMay 12, 2017261PTC Creo View Express 4.0 (x64)PTCMay 9, 2017262PTC Creo View Express 4.0PTCMay 9, 2017263Autodesk Fusion 360 AutodeskApr 28, 2017264pCon.planner STD (64 bit)EasternGraphicsApr 25, 2017265pCon.planner STD 25, 2017266Dual Monitor Tools 24, 2017267Dell Command UpdateDell Inc.Apr 24, 2017268Auslogics Registry DefragAuslogics Labs Pty LtdApr 19, 2017269Maxthon Cloud Browser International LimitedApr 18,, Inc.Apr 17, 2017271Windows Sysinternals Sysmon (x64) MicrosoftApr 17, 2017272Windows Sysinternals Sysmon (x86) MicrosoftApr 17, 2017273IZArc 4.3Ivan ZaharievApr 11, 2017274HandBrake 1.0.7HandBrakeApr 10, 2017275TightVNC (64bit)GlavSoft LLC.Apr 7, 2017276TightVNC (32bit)GlavSoft LLC.Apr 7, 2017277Netcam Watcher Remote Control v1.10netcam-watcherApr 4, 2017278BT MeetMe Services with Cisco WebExBTGS AmericasApr 3, 2017279TouchFreeze 1.1.0Ivan ZhakovApr 3, 2017280XAMPP 5.6.30-0BitnamiApr 3, 2017281Adobe Connect 9 Add-in (11.9.976.299) Adobe Systems IncorporatedApr 3, 2017282Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) 9.2.2831 x86Kerio Technologies Inc.Apr 3, 2017283Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) 9.2.2831 x64Kerio Technologies Inc.Apr 3, 2017284SketchUp 2017 17.2.2555 (x64)Trimble Navigation LimitedApr 3, 2017285SketchUp 2017 17.2.2555 (x86)Trimble, Inc.Apr 3, 2017286MirrorOp IncMar 28, 2017287Synology Surveillance Station Client (x64) SynologyMar 27, 2017288Synology Surveillance Station Client (x86)SynologyMar 27, 2017289Active Directory Rights Management Services Client 2.1 (x64) Microsoft CorporationMar 27, 2017290Active Directory Rights Management Services Client 2.1 Microsoft CorporationMar 27, 2017291Articulate 360 1.4.10330.0Articulate Global, Inc.Mar 24, 2017292CloneBD BytesMar 21, 2017293Cyberduck 5.4.0CyberduckMar 14, 2017294Bullzip PDF Printer 13, 2017295DVDFab Utility Inc.Mar 13, 2017296Pidgin 2.12.0PidginMar 10, 2017297Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Systems IncorporatedMar 9, 2017298Wise Memory Optimizer 3.51, Inc.Mar 7, 2017299GlobalMapper 18.1 (x64)Blue Marble GeographicsMar 7, 2017300GlobalMapper 18.1 (x86)Blue Marble GeographicsMar 7, 2017301Miranda IM 0.10.67Miranda IM ProjectMar 7, 2017302PSPad editor 4.6.2Jan FialaMar 3, 2017303PhraseExpress 12.0.138Bartels Media GmbHMar 1, 2017304Vuze (x64)Azureus Software, Inc.Mar 1, 2017305Vuze (x86)Azureus Software, Inc.Mar 1, 2017306EssentialPIM Pro 7.23Astonsoft LtdFeb 24, 2017307EssentialPIM 7.23Astonsoft LtdFeb 24, 2017308doPDF 8.8.947SoftlandFeb 24, 2017309gImageReader 3.2.1Sandro ManiFeb 23, 2017310DisplayCAL HöchFeb 23, 2017311Hugin 2016.2.0 (x64)The Hugin Development TeamFeb 23, 2017312Hugin 2016.2.0The Hugin Development TeamFeb 23, 2017313TIBCO Jaspersoft 6.3.1 (x64)TIBCO Utility Inc.Feb 23, 2017314TIBCO Jaspersoft 6.3.1TIBCO Client Inc.Feb 23, 2017315Free Download Manager 5.1.24 (x64)FreeDownloadManager.ORGFeb 21, 2017316Smart Defrag 5.5.0IOBitFeb 21, 2017317WinSnap 4.5.7NTWind SoftwareFeb 21, 2017318CutePDF Home 3.73 (Evaluation)Acro Software Inc.Feb 20, 2017319WizTree v2.01Antibody SoftwareFeb 17, 2017320AVG AVG TechnologiesFeb 16, 2017321Zotero Standalone (x86 en-US)ZoteroFeb 16, 2017322MuseScore 2.0.3Werner Schweer and OthersFeb 15, 2017323GlassWire 1.2SecureMix LLCFeb 15, 2017324MobaXterm 13, 2017325Microsoft Power Query for Excel (x64) Microsoft CorporationFeb 13, 2017326Microsoft Power Query for Excel (x86) Microsoft Corp.Feb 13, 2017327NaturalReader 14 FreeNaturalsoftFeb 13, 2017328BlueScreenViewNirSoftFeb 10, 2017329Image Composite Editor 2.0.3 (x64) Microsoft CorporationFeb 8, 2017330Image Composite Editor 2.0.3 Microsoft CorporationFeb 8, 2017331Desktop Restore version 1.7.0Jamie O'ConnellFeb 8, 2017332Jitsi 2.10.5550 (x64)JitsiFeb 8, 2017333Jitsi 2.10.5550JitsiFeb 8, 2017334TestNav 19, 2017335K-Lite Codec Pack 12.8.0 FullK-Lite Codec PackJan 19, 2017336BitComet 1.45CometNetworkJan 18, 2017337SyncBackFree V7.6.50.0 2BrightSparksJan 18, 2017338VirusTotal Uploader 2.2 UnknownJan 10, 2017339PenguiNet v2.70Silicon Circus Ltd.Jan 10, 2017340Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7.14060 "Microsoft Corporation"Jan 10, 2017341Firebird (x64)Firebird ProjectJan 3, 2017342Firebird (x86)Firebird ProjectJan 3, 2017343VyprVPN Frog, GmbH.Jan 3, 2017344NoMachine 5.1.62NoMachine S.a.r.l.Jan 3, 2017345Typing Master 10Typing Innovation Group LtdDec 27, 2016346Plantronics Hub Software 3.8.51571.43789Plantronics, Inc.Dec 26, 2016347Revo Uninstaller Enterprise 3.1.8VS Revo GroupDec 22, 2016348AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.0Aomei Technology Co., Ltd.Dec 16, 2016349Mumble 1.2.17Thorvald NatvigDec 15, 2016350SoundBox version CorbettDec 13, 2016351MultiMon 3.00Resplendence Software Projects Sp.Dec 13, 2016352Registrar Registry Manager 8.02Resplendence Utility Projects Sp.Dec 9, 2016353NetSetMan 4.3.1NetSetMan GmbHDec 9, 2016354Duplicate Cleaner Enterprise 4.0.3DigitalVolcano Software LtdDec 9, 2016355Crypt-o 2.5.242Soft-oDec 9, 2016356CrashPlan PROe Client 3.6.5 (X64)Code 42 SoftwareDec 8, 2016357CrashPlan PROe Client 3.6.5 (X86)Code 42 SoftwareDec 8, 2016358CloneSpy 3.31The CloneSpy TeamDec 8, 2016359Charles 4.0.2 (x64)XK72 LtdDec 8, 2016360Charles 4.0.2 (x86)XK72 LtdDec 8, 2016361BOINC 7.6.33 (x64)Space Sciences Laboratory, U.C. BerkeleyDec 8, 2016362BOINC 7.6.33 (x86)Space Sciences Laboratory, U.C. BerkeleyDec 8, 2016363Blender 2.78.1 (x64)Blender FoundationDec 8, 2016364Blender 2.78.1Blender FoundationDec 8, 2016365AxCrypt 2.1.1481.0 (x64) Axantum SoftwareDec 8, 2016366AxCrypt 2.1.1481.0 Axantum SoftwareDec 8, 2016367Parallels 2X RDP-64 bit 14.1.3522 Parallels 2X Software Ltd.Dec 8, 2016368Parallels 2X RDP-32 bit 14.1.3522Parallels 2X Software Ltd.Dec 8, 2016369IsoBuster 3.8LimewireDec 8, 2016370Microsoft Rights Management sharing application 1.0.2217.0 (x86)Microsoft CorporationDec 7, 2016371Microsoft Rights Management sharing application 1.0.2217.0 (x64)Microsoft CorporationDec 7, 2016372Splashtop Streamer Inc.Dec 7, 2016373TextPad 8.1.0 (x64)HeliosDec 7, 2016374TextPad 8.1.0HeliosDec 7, 2016375Disk Drill Dec 7, 2016376Qlik Sense Desktop 3.1 SR3QlikTech International ABDec 5, 2016377iDailyDiary 3.94Splinterware Client SolutionsDec 2, 2016378BigAnt 4.1BigAntSoft Nov 29, 2016379AVG Computer TuneUp 16.62.4 (x64) AVGNov 29, 2016380AVG Computer TuneUp 16.62.4 AVGNov 29, 2016381EndNote X8 ReutersNov 28, 2016382MDSolids 4.1.0MDSolids SoftwareNov 28, 2016383HttpWatch Basic 10.0.51Simtec LimitedNov 28, 2016384Jing 2.9.15255.1 TechSmith CorporationNov 25, 2016385CollabNet Subversion Client (x64)CollabNetNov 25, 2016386CollabNet Subversion Client (x86)CollabNetNov 25, 2016387Sohodox 10.10.01ITAZNov 25, 2016388RationalPlan Viewer 4.14.7331Stand By Soft LtdNov 25, 2016389CPU-Z 1.78.0CPUIDNov 25, 2016390VMware Player 7.1.4 VMware, IncNov 22, 2016391InfoSlips ForMe Viewer 5.2.13InfoSlipsNov 17, 2016392ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.4.2014.0 (x86)ESET, spol. s r.o.Nov 17, 2016393ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.4.2014.0 (x64)ESET, spol. s r.o.Nov 17, 2016394VNC Professional 6.0.0RealVNC LtdNov 11, 2016395VNC Viewer 6.0.0RealVNC LtdNov 11, 2016396TARGIT 2.17TARGITNov 10, 2016397WhoCrashed 5.53Resplendence Software Projects Sp.Nov 9, 2016398CuteDJ 4.3.4Beijing Kuaiyi Internet Technology Ltd.Nov 9, 2016399RD Tabs 2.1.25 (x64)Avian WavesNov 9, 2016400AirMedia Inc.Nov 9, 2016401LifeSize Cloud 10.3.314LifeSizeNov 9, 2016402LogMeIn 4.1.8540 LogMeIn, Inc.Nov 9, 2016403Pulseway 4.9.2 (x64)MMSOFT DesignNov 9, 2016404Pulseway 4.9.2MMSOFT DesignNov 9, 2016405Softros LAN Messenger 7.3.4 Softros SystemsNov 9, 2016406PICAXE Editor 6.08.11Revolution Education LtdNov 9, 2016407Infront 7.1.22Infront ASNov 9, 2016408Net2Printer RDP Client 1.16.7Net2Printer, Inc.Nov 8, 2016409MailStore Outlook Add-in Software GmbHNov 8, 2016410MailStore Professional Utility GmbHNov 8, 2016411SplashID Safe 8.1.1SplashDataNov 8, 2016412RenWeb 16.03.040RenWebNov 8, 2016413123D Design R2.2 X64Autodesk, Inc.Nov 8, 2016414123D Design R2.2Autodesk, Inc.Nov 8, 2016415Bitvise SSH Client 7.15Bitvise LimitedNov 7, 2016416AppGate IP Tunneling Driver 11.2.2Cryptzone North America, IncNov 7, 2016417AppGate Client 11.2.2Cryptzone North America, IncNov 7, 2016418Lenovo System Update 5.07.0037 LenovoNov 7, 2016419MailStore Client Utility GmbHNov 7, 2016420AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.6 Aomei Technology Co., Ltd.Nov 7, 2016421Axure RP 8.0Axure Utility Solutions, Inc.Nov 4, 2016422VitalSource Bookshelf 6.9.2Ingram Content GroupNov 4, 2016423RollBack Rx 10.5Horizon DataSys IncNov 4, 2016424Anki 2.0.36AnkiNov 4, 2016425XMind 8XMind Ltd.Nov 3, 2016426Kaspersky Password Manager Kaspersky LabNov 3, 2016427Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for Office 20072007 Microsoft Office Add-in : Microsoft Save as PDFNov 3, 2016428Mall Manager V7 (7.0.4)Akalfon EnterprisesOct 22, 2016429ScrewDrivers Client v4 4.8.03 x64triCerat, Inc.Oct 14, 2016430Jungle Disk Workgroup 3.19.0 x64Jungle DiskOct 14, 2016431QlikView 12.0.20400.0 x64QlikTech International ABOct 14, 2016432Sublime Text Build 3126 (x64)Sublime HQ Pty LtdOct 11, 2016433Sublime Text Build 3126 (x86)Sublime HQ Pty LtdOct 11, 2016434PKZIP for Windows 14.40.0028 (x64)PKWARE, IncOct 7, 2016435PKZIP for Windows 14.40.0028 (x86)PKWARE, IncOct 7, 2016436VirtualCloneDrive BytesOct 7, 2016437Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) - 14.0.23026 Microsoft CorporationOct 5, 2016438Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) - 14.0.23026 Microsoft CorporationOct 5, 2016439Windows Management Framework 5.0 Windows 8.1 (x64) Microsoft CorporationOct 4, 2016440Windows Management Framework 5.0 for Windows 8.1 (x86) Microsoft CorporationOct 4, 2016441Windows Management Framework 5.0 for Windows 7 (x64) Microsoft CorporationOct 4, 2016442Windows Management Framework 5.0 for Windows 7 (x86) Microsoft CorporationOct 4, 2016443Shrew Soft VPN Client 2.2.2 UnknownSep 30, 2016444Keynote Internet Testing Environment LLCSep 30, 2016445Classic Shell 4.3.0IvoSoftSep 30, 2016446Microsoft OneDrive 17.3.6517.0809Microsoft CorporationSep 23, 2016447scilab-5.5.2 (64-bit)Scilab EnterprisesAug 30, 2016448scilab-5.5.2 (32-bit)Scilab EnterprisesAug 30, 2016449Netop Remote Control Host 12.50.16236Netop Business Solutions A/SAug 30, 2016450Update for Windows Professional 2008 R2 x64 Edition (KB3125574)Microsoft CorporationAug 27, 2016451Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3125574)Microsoft CorporationAug 27, 2016452Update for Windows 7 (KB3125574) Microsoft CorporationAug 27, 2016453Webroot SecureAnywhere 9.10.21WebrootAug 17, 2016454Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2Microsoft CorporationAug 17, 2016455SumatraPDF 3.1.2 (x64)Krzysztof KowalczykAug 16, 2016456SumatraPDF 3.1.2 (x86)Krzysztof KowalczykAug 16, 2016457BusyExpress14Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Aug 9, 2016458Smart Agent 4.01.47 (x64)Monitis.comAug 5, 2016459Smart Agent 4.01.47 (x86)Monitis.comAug 5, 2016460Pertino 2.13.4707Pertino, Inc.Jul 29, 2016461BDAntiRansomware 29, 2016462Malwarebytes Uninstall Tool CorporationJul 29, 2016463Microsoft Junk E-mail Reporting Add-in 3.0 (64-bit)Microsoft CorporationJul 20, 2016464Microsoft Junk E-mail Reporting Add-in 3.0 (32-bit) Microsoft CorporationJul 20, 2016465Mikogo 5.4.1BeamYourScreen GmbHJul 13, 2016466Canvas 4.8.0501CanvasJun 13, 2016467GPL Ghostscript 9.18 (X64)Artifex Utility Inc.Jun 13, 2016468GPL Ghostscript 9.18 (X86)Artifex Client Inc.Jun 13, 2016469Recuva 1.53PiriformJun 10, 2016470SmartCam 1.4Ionut DediuJun 1, 2016471PhotoFilmStrip 2.1.0Jens GöpfertJun 1, 2016472digiCamControl IstvanJun 1, 2016473Pdfedit teamJun 1, 2016474Celestia 1.6.1Shatters SoftwareJun 1, 2016475libjpeg-fast SDK v1.4.90 for GCC UnknownJun 1, 2016476MeshLab_64b 1.3.4Paolo Cignoni - Guido Ranzuglia VCG - ISTI - CNRJun 1, 2016477Scribus 1.4.6The Scribus TeamMay 31, 2016478FreeMind 1.0.1 UnknownMay 31, 2016479WinDjView 2.1Andrew ZhezherunMay 31, 2016480Alternate Pic View 2.220Alternate ToolsMay 31, 2016481Win IP Config 2.7peko SoftwareMay 30, 2016482SpeQ Mathematics 3.4 UnknownMay 30, 2016483Silverjuke 16.3.5Bjoern Petersen Utility Design and DevelopmentMay 30, 2016484Undeluxe 2.00Resplendence Software Projects Sp.May 30, 2016485SanityCheck 3.50Resplendence Client Projects Sp.May 30, 2016486LatencyMon 6.50Resplendence Utility Projects Sp.May 30, 2016487DispatchMon 1.00Resplendence Utility Projects Sp.May 30, 2016488Rainlendar2 UnknownMay 30, 2016489nPassword DachevMay 30, 2016490Tekla BIMsight 1.9.7 (x64)Trimble Solutions CorporationMay 30, 2016491Tekla BIMsight 1.9.7Trimble Solutions CorporationMay 30, 2016492IcoFX 2.12 UnknownMay 30, 2016493MicroFTP 2000 v2.6 Gregory Braun Client DesignMay 30, 2016494Cookie Monitor v2.1Gregory Braun Client DesignMay 30, 2016495wAPI Monitor 2000 v3.3Gregory Braun Software DesignMay 30, 2016496Touch v2.3 Gregory Braun -- Utility DesignMay 30, 2016497DLL Show 2000 v5.7Gregory Braun Software Design--May 30, 2016498AppPaths 2000 v3.1Gregory Braun Software Design--May 30, 2016499BattleStar 2000 v3.7Gregory Braun Client Design--May 27, 2016500Count Code v2.1Gregory Braun Client Design--May 27, 2016501MiniBar v2.1Gregory Braun Software Design--May 27, 2016502ToolBar 2000 v7.1Gregory Braun Utility Design--May 27, 2016503Screen Loupe 2000 v6.0Gregory Braun Client Design--May 27, 2016504Icon Extractor 2000 v4.4Gregory Braun Client Design--May 27, 2016505FontShow 2000 v3.8Gregory Braun Software Design--May 27, 2016506Audition 2000 v4.5Gregory Braun Utility Design--May 27, 2016507WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.48-22 (x64)HTTrackMay 27, 2016508WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.48-22HTTrackMay 27, 2016509Easy PhotoResQ trial 1.00EFD SoftwareMay 27, 2016510Drive Power Manager 1.10EFD SoftwareMay 27, 2016511HD Tune Professional 5.60EFD SoftwareMay 27, 2016512SyncBackSE 2BrightSparksMay 27, 2016513SyncBackPro 2BrightSparksMay 27, 2016514UndeleteOnClick2BrightSparksMay 27, 2016515ScrambleOnClick Pte LtdMay 27, 2016516PatchOnClick2BrightSparksMay 27, 2016517HashOnClick2BrightSparksMay 27, 2016518FindOnClick 27, 2016519EncryptOnClick2BrightSparksMay 27, 2016520DeleteOnClick2BrightSparksMay 27, 2016521FeedReaderi-Systems Inc.May 27, 2016522FastStone Capture 8.4FastStone SoftMay 27, 2016523NoteBook 2000 v5.7Gregory Braun Client Design--May 26, 2016524Calendar 2000 v4.9Gregory Braun Software Design--May 26, 2016525ClipText v2.1Gregory Braun Client Design--May 26, 2016526CardBase 2000 v4.0Gregory Braun Software Design--May 26, 2016527Crypto 2000 v4.8Gregory Braun Client Design--May 26, 2016528Phantom Desktop Screen Saver v3.0Gregory Braun Client Design--May 26, 2016529Disk CleanUp 2000 v5.4Gregory Braun Client Design--May 26, 2016530File Shredder 2000 v4.5Gregory Braun Software Design--May 26, 2016531FxEdit 2000 v4.0Gregory Braun Utility Design--May 26, 2016532Auslogics BitReplica Utility Pty LtdMay 26, 2016533BlowFish 2000 v3.4Gregory Braun Client Design--May 26, 2016534TxEdit 2000 v5.7Gregory Braun -- Client DesignMay 26, 2016535DVDx 4.1labDVMay 26, 2016536Dimension 4 v5.31Thinking Man SoftwareMay 26, 2016537AP Tuner 3.08 UnknownMay 26, 2016538ExplorerXP UnknownMay 26, 2016539DriveImage XML 2.50Runtime SoftwareMay 26, 2016540Exact Audio Copy 1.1Andre WiethoffMay 25, 2016541Easy Thumbnails 3.0Fookes SoftwareMay 25, 2016542Captain Nemo Enterprise 5.41Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016543NAS Data Recovery 2.42Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016544DiskExplorer for NTFS 4.32Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016545DiskExplorer for FAT 4.32Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016546RAID Recovery for Windows 2.41Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016547RAID Reconstructor 4.40Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016548GetDataBack for NTFS 4.33Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016549GetDataBack for FAT 4.33Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016550ShadowCopy 2.02Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016551GetDataBack Simple 2.03Runtime SoftwareMay 25, 2016552elcopy 1.0LyrasoftwareMay 25, 2016553Disclib 2.0LyrasoftwareMay 25, 2016554DC Plus Plus 0.698Jacek SiekaMay 25, 2016555Converber 2.3.1Xyntec Automation Inc.May 25, 2016556BlockNote.Net, version 1.8Terra Informatica, Client DesignMay 25, 2016557AVS Video Editor 7.2.1Online Media Technologies Ltd.May 23, 2016558AVS Media Player 4.3.1Online Media Technologies Ltd.May 23, 2016559AoA Audio Extractor PlatinumAoAMedia.comMay 23, 2016560Aurora Blu-ray Media PlayerAurora Software Inc.May 23, 2016561CloneCD 23, 2016562ATITool Overclocking Utility 0.26 UnknownMay 23, 2016563AoA Video JoinerAoAMedia.comMay 23, 2016564AoA MP4 Keygen 1.0AoAMedia.comMay 23, 2016565AoA Audio ExtractorAoAMedia.comMay 23, 2016566AoA Video Downloader version 2.0.2AoAMedia.comMay 23, 2016567Nim 1.2Ant SoftwareMay 23, 2016568Ant Stratego Ant SoftwareMay 23, 2016569Ant Renamer 2.12.0Ant SoftwareMay 23, 2016570DigsbydotSyntax, LLCMay 23, 2016571EMCO UnLock IT 4.0EMCO SoftwareMay 23, 2016572CloneDVD2 BytesMay 20, 2016573Ant Movie Catalog 4.2.0Ant SoftwareMay 20, 2016574SnapCrab for Windows 1.1.2Fenrir Inc.May 20, 2016575Diffuse 0.4.8 UnknownMay 20, 2016576FontExplorer X Pro 3.5.0FontExplorer XMay 20, 20165773D Box Shot Maker - paid v1.0BossEye Inc.May 20, 2016578ExamDiff 1.9 (Build LLCMay 19, 2016579AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition 6.0AOMEI Technology Co., LtdMay 19, 2016580AOMEI PE Builder 1.5AOMEI Technology Co., Ltd.May 19, 2016581AOMEI PXE Boot paid 1.5AOMEI Technology Co., LtdMay 19, 2016582EaseUS Partition Master 11.0EaseUSMay 19, 2016583FMS Empty Folder Remover 2.0.6FileManagerSoft Ltd.May 19, 2016584HelpNDoc Personal EditionIBE SoftwareMay 19, 2016585McAfee WebAdvisor 4.0.190McAfee, Inc.May 18, 2016586Auslogics Disk Defrag Touch Client Pty LtdMay 17, 2016587ScreenGrab 1.1 No Nonsense SoftwareMay 17, 2016588TexRep 2.0 No Nonsense SoftwareMay 17, 2016589SetFileDate 2.0 No Nonsense SoftwareMay 17, 2016590PrintFolder 1.3No Nonsense SoftwareMay 17, 2016591KDiff3 0.9.98 (x64) UnknownMay 17, 2016592KDiff3 0.9.98 UnknownMay 17, 2016593syn Version Development TeamMay 13, 2016594Visual-MinGW 0.57 alphaVisual-MinGW GroupMay 13, 2016595FreeFixer 1.13KephyrMay 13, 2016596NirSoft OpenedFilesView UnknownMay 13, 2016597EPIM Synchronizer 6.5Essential PIMMay 13, 2016598EPIM-Outlook Sync 6.55Essential PIMMay 13, 2016599EPIM ArchiverDR 6.5Essential PIMMay 13, 2016600FoxEditor UnknownMay 12, 2016601JoJoThumb 2.11.2Johannes TschebischMay 12, 2016602Universal Extractor 1.6.1Jared BrelandMay 12, 2016603Yankee Clipper III UnknownMay 12, 2016604TenClips 2.4PaludourMay 12, 2016605ClipX 12, 2016606Tux Paint 0.9.22New Breed SoftwareMay 12, 2016607Dia UnknownMay 12, 2016608HeliosPaint version 1.7D J OsborneMay 12, 2016609Collagerator version 0.9.3 UnknownMay 12, 2016610Cabos 0.8.2heavy_babyMay 10, 2016611BlueJ 3.1.7BlueJ TeamMay 10, 2016612ClPhpEd (CodelobsterPHPEdition) UnknownMay 9, 2016613TED Notepad 6.0.2Medvedik, Juraj SimlovicMay 9, 2016614SE Add-In Editor 1.0Brixoft Software, Joacim AnderssonMay 9, 2016615Brixoft EzQuery 1.5Brixoft Software, Joacim AnderssonMay 9, 2016616Source Edit 4.0Joacim AnderssonMay 9, 2016617Notepad2 Notepad Replacement (x64) 4.2.25Florian BalmerMay 9, 2016618Notepad2 (Notepad Replacement) 4.2.25Florian BalmerMay 9, 2016619DVD Flick MeuwissenMay 6, 2016620OpenOffice Password Cracker PasscapeMay 5, 2016621OneNote Password Recovery PasscapeMay 5, 2016622PowerPoint Password Recovery PasscapeMay 5, 2016623Excel Password Recovery PasscapeMay 5, 2016624Word Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016625Wireless Password Recovery PasscapeMay 5, 2016626Network Password Recovery Wizard PasscapeMay 5, 2016627Passcape Win CD Keys PasscapeMay 5, 2016628TheBat! Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016629Eudora Password Recovery PasscapeMay 5, 2016630Windows Password Recovery PasscapeMay 5, 2016631Mozilla Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016632Passcape Outlook Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016633Passcape Outlook Express Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016634IncrediMail Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016635Opera Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016636Passcape Internet Explorer Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016637Windows Mail Password RecoveryPasscapeMay 5, 2016638Videora iPod Converter 6Red KawaMay 5, 2016639Potplayer-64 BitsKakao Corp.May 5, 2016640PotplayerKakao Corp.May 5, 2016641ffdshow x64 v1.3.4533 [2014-09-29] UnknownMay 5, 2016642ffdshow v1.3.4533 [2014-09-29] UnknownMay 5, 2016643Taksi Desktop Video Recorder v0.779MenasoftMay 3, 2016644Freez FLV to AVI MPEG WMV Converterwww.smallvideosoft.comMay 3, 2016645Freez 3GP Video Converter 2.0www.smallvideosoft.comMay 3, 2016646Freez iPod Video Converter 1.5www.smallvideosoft.comMay 3, 2016647Freez FLV to MP3 Converter 1.2www.smallvideosoft.comMay 3, 2016648Freez Screen Video Capture v1.2www.smallvideosoft.comMay 3, 2016649Solid PDF Creator 9Solid DocumentsMay 3, 2016650HipChat 4.0.1634Atlassian IncMay 3, 2016651Exsate VideoExpress 3.0Exsate SoftwareMay 3, 2016652Exsate DV Capture Live 1.2Exsate SoftwareMay 3, 2016653SatHunter v2.5.0.63 UnknownMay 3, 2016654DigitalVideoConverter v2.9.0.53 UnknownMay 3, 2016655Virtual VCR 2.6.9www.digtv.wsMay 3, 2016656MozBackup 1.5.1Pavel CvrcekApr 30, 2016657JetBrains Omea Reader 2.2.1 JetBrainsApr 30, 2016658phpDesigner 8 version 8.1.2MPSOFTWAREApr 29, 2016659XChat 2 UnknownApr 29, 2016660MagicDisc 2.7.106 UnknownApr 29, 2016661DScaler 4.1.15 UnknownApr 29, 2016662Taskbar Shuffle 64-bit version 2.5Jay ElarajApr 29, 2016663Taskbar Shuffle version 2.5Jay ElarajApr 29, 2016664PicaJet 28, 2016665Zip Genius 6.3The ZipGenius TeamApr 28, 2016666FreeArc 0.666Bulat ZiganshinApr 28, 2016667Zwei-Stein 4 Version 0.961Thugs at Bay (t@b)Apr 28, 2016668Opsview NSClient++ Windows Agent (x64)Opsview LtdApr 27, 2016669Opsview NSClient++ Windows Agent (Win32)Opsview LtdApr 27, 2016670StrokeIt 0.9.7UnknownApr 26, 2016671ClamWin free Antivirus 0.99.1alchApr 26, 2016672MPC-HC 1.7.10 (64-bit)MPC-HC TeamApr 26, 2016673MPC-HC 1.7.10 (32bit)MPC-HC TeamApr 26, 2016674Swiff Player 1.7.2GlobFX TechnologiesApr 25, 2016675Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool Version 2015 KasperskyApr 25, 2016676WinASO Registry Optimizer 5.1.0X.M.Y International LLCApr 22, 2016677WinASO RegDefrag 2.8.0X.M.Y International LLCApr 22, 2016678WinASO EasyTweak 3.2.0X.M.Y. International LLCApr 22, 2016679WinASO Disk Cleaner 2.8.0X.M.Y. International LLCApr 22, 2016680SonicWALL Global VPN Client (x64)SonicWALLApr 15, 2016681SonicWALL Global VPN Client 4.9.9 (x86)SonicWALLApr 15, 2016682RealPopup 3.1RealPopupApr 12, 2016683PhotoFiltre 7photofiltreApr 12, 2016684ATnotes Version 9.5Thomas AscherApr 11, 2016685Acoo Browser UnknownApr 11, 2016686DVD2one V2.4.2Eximius B.V.Apr 11, 2016687FreePortScanner 3.4.8Nsasoft LLC.Apr 11, 2016688FreshVideoDownloader 5.4.0FreshVideoDownloader 5.4.0Apr 11, 2016689FreshView 5.4.0FreshApr 11, 2016690FreshDownload 5.4.0FreshApr 11, 2016691FreshDiagnose 5.4.0FreshApr 11, 2016692eMuleUnknownApr 11, 2016693DeepBurner v1.9.0.228UnknownApr 7, 2016694Ultra Color Picker 1.6.2TigerColorApr 7, 2016695ScreenRuler 2.5.0TigerColorApr 7, 2016696ColorImpact 4.1.2TigerColorApr 7, 2016697CMenu 2.6Michael HeathApr 6, 2016698ConTEXT v0.98.6ConTEXT Project LtdApr 6, 2016699DU Meter 7.11Hagel Technologies Ltd.Apr 6, 2016700Launchy 2.5Code JellyApr 6, 2016701AutoIt v3.3.14.2AutoIt TeamApr 6, 2016702Combined Community Codec Pack 64bit 2015-10-18CCCP ProjectApr 4, 2016703Combined Community Codec Pack 2015-10-18CCCP ProjectApr 4, 2016704CollageIt 1.9.5PearlMountainApr 1, 2016705Code42 CrashPlan (x86)Code 42 SoftwareMar 28, 2016706Code42 CrashPlan (x64)Code 42 SoftwareMar 28, 2016707iMeet Global IncMar 28, 2016708TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.18 (x86)TeamSpeak Systems GmbHMar 28, 2016709TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.18 (x64)TeamSpeak Systems GmbHMar 28, 2016710Glary Utilities Pro LtdMar 22, 2016711Defraggler 2.21PiriformMar 17, 2016712PuTTY 0.67Simon TathamMar 16, 2016713Google Chrome Frame 65.169.107Google, Inc.Mar 16, 2016714NetBeans IDE 8.1NetBeans.orgMar 11, 2016715Camtasia Studio CorporationMar 11, 2016716Cyberoam General Authentication Client Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Feb 29, 2016717Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5.5Microsoft CorporationFeb 29, 2016718Microsoft Expression Web 4 (4.0.1460.0)Microsoft CorporationFeb 23, 2016719Spybot - Search & DestroySafer-Networking LtdFeb 18, 2016720Sandboxie 5.08SANDBOXIE L.T.DFeb 17, 2016721Office Timeline 3.5.0Office TimelineFeb 9, 2016722Heimdal Agent 2.0.30Heimdal SecurityFeb 9, 2016723RD Tabs (2.1.25)Avian WavesFeb 4, 2016724AbleWorld v3.0AbleWorldJan 27, 2016725QTranslate 5.5.3QuestSoftJan 27, 2016726BigAntSoft Messenger 2.97BigAntSoftJan 11, 2016727AnyBurn 3.0Power Software LtdJan 11, 2016728Raptor 4.0.6004USAFAJan 5, 2016729HeidiSQL BeckerJan 5, 2016730EZCast 5, 2016731Jive for Office 30.3.5Jive SoftwareDec 22, 2015732Duplicate Cleaner paid 3.2.7DigitalVolcano Software LtdDec 22, 2015733Fuzzy Lookup Add-In For Excel CorporationDec 17, 2015734Amazon WorkSpaces 1.1.81Amazon Web Services, Inc.Dec 17, 2015735ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9.0.349.0 (x64)ESET, spol s r. o.Dec 17, 2015736ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9.0.349.0 (x86)ESET, spol s r. o.Dec 17, 2015737Box for Office 4.1.1102.0Box, Inc.Dec 17, 2015738Google Apps Sync 3.8.440.1250 (x64)Google, Inc.Dec 17, 2015739Google Apps Sync 3.8.440.1250 (x86)Google, Inc.Dec 17, 2015740Joxi v 3.0.8JoxiDec 16, 2015741Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1Microsoft CorporationDec 9, 2015742Belarc Advisor 8.5.2Belarc Inc.Dec 1, 2015743EC2ConfigService 3.11.521.0Amazon Web ServicesNov 30, 2015744ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Portable (x64) 6.2ESET, spol. s r.o.Nov 25, 2015745ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server (x86) 6.2ESET, spol. s r.o.Nov 25, 2015746Adblock Plus for IE 1.5 (32-bit)Eyeo GmbHNov 25, 2015747Hardcopy 11, 2015748Ares Development GroupNov 11, 2015749Rapport 3.5.1507.84 (x64)TrusteerNov 11, 2015750Rapport 3.5.1507.84 (x86)TrusteerNov 11, 2015751Browsium Ion Client 3.6.0BrowsiumNov 2, 2015752Browsium Ion Configuration Manager 3.6.0BrowsiumNov 2, 2015753Adobe Reader X (10.1.16)Adobe Systems IncorporatedOct 13, 2015754Egnyte Desktop Sync v8.3.3Egnyte, IncOct 6, 2015755Kinovea 0.8.15KinoveaOct 1, 2015756STP Viewer (2.3)IdeaMKSep 29, 2015757Zimbra Desktop, Inc.Sep 29, 2015758Adobe Digital Editions 4.0.3Adobe Systems IncorporatedSep 15, 2015759WinUtilities paid Edition (11.44)YL Computing, IncAug 26, 2015760QuickTime Inc.Aug 26, 2015761Bing CorporationAug 15, 2015762Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6Microsoft CorporationJul 24, 2015763AI Viewer 3.2IdeaMKJul 24, 2015764SourceTree 1.6.14Atlassian IncJul 24, 2015765AsperaConnect 3.6.0AsperaConnectJul 10, 2015766Ipswitch Instant Messaging, IncJun 15, 2015767Block Windows 10 Update (KB3035583)Microsoft CorporationJun 12, 2015768DWG TrueView 2015 - English (x64)AutodeskApr 1, 2015769DWG TrueView 2015 - English (x86)AutodeskApr 1, 2015770UniPDF 1.2UniPDF.comMar 31, 2015771Coupon Printer for Windows, Inc.Mar 30, 2015772Yahoo SiteBuilder 2.8.9Yahoo! Inc.Mar 30, 2015773Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008 (9.0.21022)Microsoft CorporationMar 8, 2015774Bombono DVDBombono DVDMar 8, 2015775Prerequisite Updates for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 and Professional 2008 R2 (x64)Microsoft CorporationMar 3, 2015776Prerequisite Updates for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 (x86)Microsoft CorporationMar 3, 2015777Stykz for Windows 1.0.2Sons of Thunder Software, Inc.Feb 8, 2015778FileOpen Client B950 (x64)FileOpen Systems, Inc.Jan 28, 2015779FileOpen Client B950 (x86)FileOpen Systems, Inc.Jan 28, 2015780Microsoft Visual C 2013 Redistributable (x64) - 12.0.30501Microsoft CorporationJan 28, 2015781Microsoft Visual C 2013 Redistributable (x86) - 12.0.30501Microsoft CorporationJan 28, 2015782System Scheduler 4.33Splinterware Software SolutionsJan 26, 2015783Affixa 3.2014.11.10Notably Good LtdDec 30, 2014784Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (KB3001652)Microsoft CorporationDec 3, 2014785Outlook Messenger 7.0Srimax Utility SystemDec 2, 2014786NoteTab Light 7.2Fookes Holding LtdNov 23, 2014787IObit Malware Fighter 2.5.0IOBitNov 23, 2014788Microsoft OLE Disable Fixit 51027 (KB3010060)Microsoft CorporationOct 25, 2014789Microsoft OLE Enable Fixit 51026 (KB3010060)Microsoft CorporationOct 25, 2014790Yahoo! Toolbar UninstallYahoo! Inc.Oct 13, 2014791RealPlayer 16.0.4RealNetworks, Inc.Oct 11, 2014792LivePerson Agent Console incOct 2, 2014793Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express x64 (9.00.2047.00)Microsoft CorporationSep 2, 2014794Microsoft SQL Portable Management Studio Express x86 (9.00.2047.00)Microsoft CorporationSep 2, 2014795Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 (x86)Microsoft CorporationSep 2, 2014796Windows Installer For Server 2003 4.5 (x64)Microsoft CorporationAug 22, 2014797Windows Installer For Professional 2003 4.5 (x86)Microsoft CorporationAug 22, 2014798Slik Subversion 1.8.9 (x64)SlikSvn & The SharpSvn ProjectAug 21, 2014799Slik Subversion 1.8.9 (x86)SlikSvn & The SharpSvn ProjectAug 21, 2014800Microsoft Expression Encoder 4Microsoft CorporationAug 7, 2014801Windows PowerShell 2.0 Client Development Kit (SDK) CorporationAug 7, 2014802Web Accessibility Toolbar 2013 (2.05.0)Web Accessibility Tools Consortium (WAT-C)Aug 7, 2014803Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2Microsoft CorporationJul 25, 2014804Prerequisite Updates for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista and Portable 2008 (x64)Microsoft CorporationJul 19, 2014805Prerequisite Updates for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista and Professional 2008 (x86)Microsoft CorporationJul 19, 2014806Xming HarrisonJul 19, 2014807Embarcadero DBArtisan 9.6.1 (x64)Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Jul 19, 2014808Benthic Utility PLEdit SoftwareJul 19, 2014809Embarcadero DBArtisan 9.6.1 (x86)Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Jul 19, 2014810AnkhSVN 2.5.12471.17AnkhSVN TeamJul 19, 2014811iReport 5.6.0Jaspersoft Corp.Jul 19, 2014812Benthic Utility Goldview SoftwareJul 19, 2014813Microsoft SQL Portable 2012 Local DB (x64)Microsoft CorporationJul 19, 2014814Microsoft SQL Portable 2012 Management Studio (x64)Microsoft CorporationJul 19, 2014815Benthic Software Golden6 SoftwareJul 6, 2014816Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0Microsoft CorporationJun 28, 2014817Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime 11.1.3436.0Microsoft CorporationJun 19, 2014818TRANSFLO Velocity Client 3.6.1Pegasus TransTechJun 19, 2014819Microsoft Visio Viewer 2013 (x64)Microsoft CorporationJun 19, 2014820Microsoft Visio Viewer 2013 (x86)Microsoft CorporationJun 19, 2014821Bing Desktop 1.3.470.0Microsoft CorporationJun 19, 2014822RStudio 0.98.507RStudioMay 30, 2014823MongoDB 2.6.1 (x64)MongoDBMay 22, 2014824MongoDB 2.6.1 (x86)MongoDBMay 22, 2014825PDFTools Version - Sheel KhannaMay 15, 2014826NeoLoad 4.2.2 (x64)NeotysMay 15, 2014827NeoLoad 4.2.2 (x86)NeotysMay 15, 2014828ClearPix VMS Client 8, 2014829Kingsoft Office 2013 ( Corp.May 1, 2014830Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5Microsoft CorporationApr 24, 2014831PDF Architect 23, 2014832SoapUI Professional 4.6.4SmartBear SoftwareApr 6, 2014833Doro 1.90CompSoftApr 6, 2014834Microsoft Visual C 2012 Redistributable (x64)Microsoft CorporationMar 27, 2014835Microsoft Visual C 2012 Redistributable (x86)Microsoft CorporationMar 27, 2014836Supercopier 25, 2014837SyncToy 2.1 (x86)Microsoft CorporationMar 18, 2014838Foxit Advanced PDF Editor CorporationJan 19, 2014839Adobe Digital Editions 2.0.1Adobe Systems IncorporatedJan 11, 2014840Windows Media FeaturePack For Windows 7 N and KN Edition (X64)Microsoft CorporationDec 27, 2013841Windows Media FeaturePack For Windows 7 N and KN Edition (X86)Microsoft CorporationDec 27, 2013842Microsoft PowerShell For Windows Portable 2008 SP1 (x64)Microsoft CorporationDec 24, 2013843Microsoft PowerShell For Windows Professional 2008 SP1 (x86)Microsoft CorporationDec 24, 2013844Microsoft PowerShell For Windows Portable 2008 R2 SP1 (x64)Microsoft CorporationDec 24, 2013845Microsoft PowerShell For Windows 7 SP1 (x64)Microsoft CorporationDec 24, 2013846Microsoft PowerShell For Windows 7 SP1 (x86)Microsoft CorporationDec 24, 2013847DWG TrueView 2013 (x64)AutodeskDec 24, 2013848DWG TrueView 2013 (x86)AutodeskDec 24, 2013849Group Policy Management Console for Windows ServerMicrosoft CorporationDec 21, 2013850Group Policy Management Console for Windows 7 (x64)Microsoft CorporationDec 21, 2013851Group Policy Management Console for Windows 7 (x86)Microsoft CorporationDec 21, 2013852RocketDock 1.3.5Punk SoftwareDec 21, 2013853Fotosizer 2.08 Fotosizer.comDec 19, 2013854ATT Connect Participant Application v9.5.51AT&T Inc.Dec 15, 2013855Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0Adobe Systems IncorporatedDec 15, 2013856AppInventor Setup 2.0Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDec 10, 2013857Winamp 5.666"Nullsoft, Inc"Dec 4, 2013858Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1Microsoft CorporationNov 27, 2013859Windows Internet Explorer 11 - Windows 2008 R2 (x64)Microsoft CorporationNov 20, 2013860Windows Internet Explorer 11 - Windows7 (x64)Microsoft CorporationNov 20, 2013861Windows Internet Explorer 11 - Windows7 (x86)Microsoft CorporationNov 20, 2013862Prerequisite Updates for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 2008 R2 64 BitMicrosoft CorporationNov 20, 2013863Prerequisite Updates for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 64 BitMicrosoft CorporationNov 20, 2013864Prerequisite Updates for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 32 BitMicrosoft CorporationNov 20, 2013865Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Native Client (x86)Microsoft CorporationNov 11, 2013866Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Native Client (x64)Microsoft CorporationNov 11, 2013867Microsoft DirectX 9.29.1974MicrosoftOct 22, 2013868MimioStudio 11.0.0000mimioOct 20, 2013869PostgreSQL 9.3 (X64)PostgreSQL Global Development GroupOct 19, 2013870PostgreSQL 9.3 (X86)PostgreSQL Global Development GroupOct 19, 2013871ImgBurn UK! Oct 15, 20138724 Elements 1.0Media Contact LLCOct 8, 2013873Ascendo DataVault 4.9.12AscendoSep 22, 2013874COMODO Programs Manager 1.3COMODOSep 21, 2013875FreshUI UnknownSep 21, 2013876Disk Space Fan Space Fan TeamSep 21, 2013877WinMerge 2.14.0Thingamahoochie SoftwareSep 6, 2013878BITS 2.5 for Windows Professional 2003(KB923845)Microsoft CorporationSep 4, 2013879WinDirStat 1.1.2UnknownSep 3, 2013880Avant Browser ForceSep 3, 2013881PDF2Word Inc.Sep 2, 2013882Microsoft Compatibility Pack for the 2007 OfficeMicrosoft CorporationAug 17, 2013883Google Toolbar For IEGoogle Inc.Aug 17, 2013884PaperCut Print Logger 2.0.8PaperCut Software Int. Pty. Ltd.Aug 13, 2013885Mocha TN5250 for Windows 7 (2.3.0)MochaSoftAug 13, 2013886Forefront TMG Client x64Microsoft CorporationAug 8, 2013887Forefront TMG Client x86Microsoft CorporationAug 8, 2013888Windows Phone App For Desktop"Microsoft Corporation"Aug 8, 2013889Microsoft Access Runtime x86Microsoft CorporationAug 7, 2013890VNC Enterprise Edition E4.6.3 x64RealVNC Ltd.Aug 6, 2013891VNC Enterprise Edition E4.6.3 x86RealVNC Ltd.Aug 6, 2013892Microsoft Office Add-in for MoodleMicrosoft Education LabsAug 4, 2013893Trend Micro Deep Agent x64Trend Micro Inc.Aug 4, 2013894Trend Micro Deep Agent x86Trend Micro Inc.Aug 4, 2013895TeamExplorer For Visual Studio 2012Microsoft CorporationAug 4, 2013896Safari Inc.Aug 2, 2013897Outlook ConnectorMicrosoft CorporationAug 2, 2013898Rhino 5 Evaluation (x64)Robert McNeel & AssociatesJul 27, 2013899Rhino 5 Evaluation (x86)Robert McNeel & AssociatesJul 27, 2013900JRE UninstallerZohocorpJul 24, 2013901Free PDFPDFZillaJul 20, 2013902Cobian Backup 11 GravityCobian SoftJul 16, 2013903Corporate ClientCyberoam ClientsJul 16, 2013904Crystal Reports Viewer 2011Business ObjectsJul 9, 2013905Crystal Reports Viewer 2008Business ObjectsJul 7, 2013906AccelScan Scanning SoftwareUnknownJun 23, 2013907RLPrintPluginRenaissance LearningJun 23, 2013908Microsoft Office Access MUI (English) 2007Microsoft CorporationJun 10, 2013909Bonjour Print Services 2.0.2Apple Inc.May 28, 2013910Microsoft Fix it - KB973479MicrosoftMay 20, 2013911Windows Installer 4.5 Vista X64MicrosoftMay 17, 2013912Windows Installer 4.5 for VistaMicrosoftMay 17, 2013913Microsoft Firewall Client 4.0.3442Microsoft CorporationMay 11, 2013914Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks 10.0MicrosoftMay 7, 2013915Cisco Systems VPN Client X64Cisco Systems, Inc.Mar 10, 2013916Cisco Systems VPN Client Systems, Inc.Mar 10, 2013917Microsoft Office 2003 Web ComponentsMicrosoft CorporationMar 4, 2013918JMultiUnknownFeb 11, 2013919Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5Microsoft CorporationJan 7, 2013920Microsoft Advisory KB2794220 - Fix itMicrosoft CorporationJan 4, 2013921Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010Microsoft CorporationDec 3, 2012922Microsoft Office 2007 Help TabMicrosoft CorporationOct 29, 2012923Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office systemMicrosoft CorporationOct 25, 2012924Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Windows Live Messenger 64bitMicrosoft CorporationOct 22, 2012925Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook 32bitMicrosoft CorporationOct 22, 2012926Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook 64bitMicrosoft CorporationOct 22, 2012927Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Windows Live Messenger 32bitMicrosoft CorporationOct 22, 2012928Scholastic eReaderScholasticOct 8, 2012929Windows Management Framework Core for Windows XP 32bitMicrosoft CorporationSep 10, 2012930Windows Management Framework Core for Windows Vista 64bitMicrosoft CorporationSep 10, 2012931Windows Management Framework Core for Windows Vista 32bitMicrosoft CorporationSep 10, 2012932Windows Management Framework Core for Windows 2003 64bitMicrosoft CorporationSep 10, 2012933Windows Management Framework Core for Windows 2003 32bitMicrosoft CorporationSep 10, 2012934Windows Management Framework Core for Windows 2008 X64bitMicrosoft CorporationSep 10, 2012935Windows Management Framework Core for Windows 2008 X86Microsoft CorporationSep 10, 2012936Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant (32bit)Microsoft CorporationSep 8, 2012937Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant (64bit)Microsoft CorporationSep 8, 2012938PDF Password Remover Inc Sep 3, 2012939CrashPlan PROe Server 42 SoftwareAug 31, 2012940Microsoft Active Sync 4.5Microsoft CorporationAug 28, 2012941MS Office 2007 Service Pack 3Microsoft CorporationAug 10, 2012942Xmarks for IEXmarksAug 6, 2012943ALEKS Plugin 3.18ALEKSAug 6, 2012944Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft OfficeGoogle, Inc.Jul 30, 2012945ZCS Connector for Outlook 6.0.7Zimbra, Inc.Jul 25, 2012946Safari 5.1.7Apple Inc.Jul 10, 2012947Real Alternative 2.0.2 UnknownJun 30, 2012948Autodesk Design Review 2013Autodesk, Inc.Jun 1, 2012949MS Office 2010 (x64) Service Pack 1MicrosoftMay 4, 2012950MS Office 2010 Service Pack 1MicrosoftMay 4, 2012951Podium 1.7.3Cadalog IncApr 14, 2012952Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 RedistributableMicrosoft CorporationApr 14, 2012953Microsoft Project 2010 SP1 32-bitMicrosoft CorpFeb 28, 2012954Microsoft Project 2010 SP1 64-bitMicrosoft CorpFeb 28, 2012955MS Outlook Social Connector 32bitMicrosoft CorporationJan 28, 2012956Windows XP KB943729 GPO PreferencesMicrosoftJan 23, 2012957Zune 4.8.2345.0ZuneNov 11, 2011958Complete Cleanup 5.2.3 UnknownSep 30, 2011959Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats 2010MicrosoftSep 30, 2011960PrintKey-Pro v1.05WareCentral.comSep 29, 2011961TortoiseCVS 1.12.5TortoiseCVSSep 21, 2011962Outlook Add-in - Personal Folders BackupMicrosoftSep 17, 2011963Microsoft Lync 2010 - 64 bitMicrosoftSep 15, 2011964Microsoft Lync 2010 - 32 bitMicrosoftSep 15, 2011965Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010Microsoft CorporationJul 5, 2011966OpenCmdWindowHere PowertoyMicrosoftApr 11, 2011967Internet Explorer 9 - Windows7 (64bit)MicrosoftMar 16, 2011968Internet Explorer 9 - Windows7 (32bit)MicrosoftMar 16, 2011969Internet Explorer 9 - Vista and Server 2008 (64bit)MicrosoftMar 16, 2011970Internet Explorer 9 - Vista and Portable 2008 (32bit)MicrosoftMar 16, 2011971Outlook TimeZone MoveMicrosoftMar 16, 2011972Windows Easy Transfer 64-bit XP to 7Microsoft CorporationFeb 25, 2011973Windows Easy Transfer 32-bit XP to 7Microsoft CorporationFeb 25, 2011974Junk Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Outlook - 64 bitMicrosoftFeb 18, 2011975Junk Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Outlook - 32 bitMicrosoftFeb 18, 2011976Drag and Drop Interceptor 1.0.14(Vista and 7)Drag and Drop InterceptorFeb 11, 2011977Drag and Drop Interceptor 1.0.6 (XP)Drag and Drop InterceptorFeb 11, 2011978Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable - X64MicrosoftJan 21, 2011979Microsoft Visual C 2005 Redistributable - X64MicrosoftJan 21, 2011980Microsoft Visual C 2008 Redistributable - X64MicrosoftJan 21, 2011981Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable ( X86 )MicrosoftJan 21, 2011982Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (X86)MicrosoftJan 21, 2011983Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)MicrosoftJan 21, 2011984IE7Pro 2.5.1IE7Pro TeamNov 11, 2010985Windows Installer 4.5 for XPMicrosoftNov 11, 2010986Appget 2.0PropraApr 27, 2010987Microsoft .NET Framework 4Microsoft CorporationApr 23, 2010988Tweakui Powertoy for Windows XPMicrosoft CorporationFeb 13, 2010989Google Toolbar 5.0.1112.3348GoogleNov 18, 2009990Google TalkGoogleNov 18, 2009991Bitlord 2.0BitlordNov 18, 2009992Limewire 5.1.2LimewireNov 18, 2009993Tugzip 3.5TugzipNov 18, 2009994Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File FormatsMicrosoftNov 17, 2009995Internet Explorer 8 - Vista (32bit)MicrosoftNov 17, 2009996Internet Explorer 8 - 32 bitMicrosoftNov 17, 2009997Internet Explorer 7MicrosoftNov 17, 2009998Excel Viewer 2003MicrosoftNov 17, 2009999Dot-NET framework 3.5MicrosoftNov 17, 20091000Dot-NET Framework 2.0MicrosoftNov 17, 2009

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I am at my computer and telephone during this time answering e-mails, returning
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