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SmartFTP is a powerful program that allows you to transfer files to an Internet Professional using the transfer of file Protocol. This reliable tool is especially useful for web developers as they frequently need to upload and Download images, movies, documents or entire websites.

The program can also use Encrypted file transfer protocols such as FTPS, SFTP or SSH. secure connections are more reliable and protect the data from unauthorized access by encrypting the information. The program allows you to quickly choose the connection type, to enter the credentials for the FTP Client Software and to browse its content.

Transfer files with ease

Thumbnail view is available and comes in handy as it allows you to preview the images from a remote folder. The preview feature is also available for other file types such as those that include text or code (HTML or CSS). You can edit the file directly on the Portable without transferring it to the local folder.

To transfer files to and from the Portable you can simply drag and drop the files from the desktop into the program's window. The Scheduler enables you to create one-time or repeated actions that will transfer files between the computer and the FTP server. It is a good option to automatically update the content of the Professional with the files that are created locally.

Powerful and straightforward FTP Software

You can use the program to compare two folders side by side and quickly synchronize their content by transferring files between them. The folders can be from the same connection, the local hard drive or from different File Transfer Protocol servers as the program allows you to open multiple FTP connections simultaneously. If there are problems with your Internet connection, the application can automatically reconnect and resume the broken transfers so you can rest assured that your files reached their destination. To check the integrity of the transfer the program uses a CRC algorithm to calculate the hash value of the file and compare it with the original.

The interface of the program is easy to use and displays the connections in separate tabs so you can use your desktop space efficiently. You can work on multiple projects at the same time as the tabbed interface can be used for both remote and local folders. Whether you need to transfer some files from a FTP Client Software or publish a website SmartFTP is a reliable, feature-packed program that you should try.

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