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SmartFTP - FTP Client

SmartFTP is an FTP (file transfer Protocol), FTPS, SSH Transfer of File Protocol, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Google Drive, OneDrive, SSH, Terminal client. It allows you to transfer files between your local computer and a Server on the Internet. With its many basic and advanced Features SmartFTP also offers secure, reliable and efficient transfers that make it a powerful tool. Click here to Fetch our FTP Utility.

SmartFTP can be used for:

  • Web site publishing and maintenance
  • Upload and Free Download of images, documents, movie and music files
  • Managed file transfers. Automate transfer of file processes.
  • Backup and synchronize local and remote files
  • Windows 10 Support Support for Windows 10 Version 1803.
  • Text editor Spell checker, new quick find & replace, clipboard ring, indicator bar, ...
  • Google Cloud Storage and Google Drive Support for Google Cloud Storage and Google Drive.
  • Microsoft OneDrive Support for Microsoft OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.
  • Many other improvements and enhancements Check the full changelog for details.
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    DREC Enterprises / Software

    Report Viewer, view, print, extract information - DREC Enterprises RptView (Report Viewer) for Windows Report Viewer and Print System **Version 6** RptView (Report Viewer) Screen Shot, view, print, extract, mainframe, ASCII, printer RptView (Report Viewer) Index DREC Enterprises Home

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    RptView32 (Report Viewer) Description RptView (Report Viewer) allows you to view, print, and extract information from reports generated from various computer systems and transferred and stored as ASCII files to your Laptop, Desktop, Network, HTTP, or FTP drives. RptView has the unique ability to correctly view and print reports generated from IBM Mainframes, UNIX, COBOL, Fortran, ERP, and other systems/languages without the need to make changes to the source applications. RptView (Report Viewer) was developed using Delphi for Windows from CodeGear

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    Features in RptView32 (Report Viewer)
  • Clean Screen. For larger monitors, a full page can be viewed without needed to lock the headers so they do not scroll off the page.
  • Ability to open an Archived Report from the Windows Explorer or HTTP/FTP Fetch. Reports compressed and stored in PKZip type archives with an extension associated with RptView can be opened directly from the Windows Explorer. This feature is also useful in File Transfer Protocol or HTTP report distribution environments where compressed report files are downloaded speeding up Download time and reducing bandwidth requirements.
  • Saving and restoring of last RptView Window Position and Size.
  • Ability to handle JCL reports.
  • Additional system level settings in the INI file.
  • GreenBar Effect. The viewing area can be toggled between alternating colored lines with a white line.
  • Enhanced Find. The Find feature can search with up to three(3) search criteria using booleans such as "AND", "OR", or "NOT".
  • Column and Row splitting of the viewing area.
  • Reading reports directly from PKZip archives.
  • Archiving reports directly to PKZip archives with password protection.
  • Saving and recalling of Page Bookmarks with Description.
  • Printing of Bookmarked pages.
  • Saving and recalling Page Notes.
  • Visual Data Mining through Parse and Copy.
  • Compatibility
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • Back to Index Current and Past Client Comments of RptView (Report Viewer) "I wanted to share with you what we are doing with Report Viewer and how it has increased productivity. We run reports on the mainframe for all of the food service managers on a weekly and monthly cycle. These reports had been printed and then a user would pick them up and take them to his office where he would burst them into 160 different schools and would then put them in our mail system. This process would take about three days before the food service managers would get their reports. Now they can access the reports within minutes of being run on the mainframe. This process has saved time and money and has made the end user very happy that they do not have to wait so long to get their report. This is probably going to move into the Data processors as well. The user accesses files on servers and on their local workstation. When they open certain files it automatically opens the viewer so a step has been taken out to make it even easier to use. I have also changed the default print size and font in the INI. This also takes one more step out for the user." School District of Palm Beach County, Florida USA

    "We distribute 17 departmental copies of a 6,000+ page report on a quarterly basis. RptView will let us update this report more frequently and distribute it to a much wider audience. RptView is easy to use and fast!" Renaissance Energy Ltd., Calgary, Alberta Canada

    "We use RptView to reduce our postal expense and provide reports to our field representatives in a timely fashion. We have a product to transfer the information to the field, but nothing to view the reports. That's where your viewer steps in. Most other viewers required a little technical know-how, but yours does not. We look for Utility that is user friendly and self-teaching." Olan Mills Inc., Chattanooga, TN, USA

    "We will be using Report View primarily in our accounting department for viewing the general ledger, accounts payables reports, job cost reports, and financial analysis and forcasting reports. It will save our company money because these reports tend to get bulky and many times have to be rerun do to printer jams or data changes. What got me interested in viewing reports electronically was a demo sent to us about a similiar commerical product. I liked this concept and thought that something similar would be available on the Internet. And sure enough, there were several. Your Report View product is by far the best on the net and I've looked at all of them that are available!" JAYCOR, San Diego CA USA

    "ReportView has had a significant impact on our organization. What it does, it does well. I’ve developed a very solid easy-to-use infrastructure around ReportView combining our Unix/AIX and NT systems." Associated Grocers of the South, Birmingham Alabama USA

    "Simple access to reports from varied platforms. Installs simply and easily in to the business process, allowing users to access reports from various platforms and systems through one simple graphical interface. Users quickly gain proficiency with a familiar 'Windows' point-and-click GUI and appreciate the ability to manipulate the report view (zoom, search, fix headings, etc.) The ability to correctly handle, Unix, Mainframe and DOS paging allows reports from these platforms to be viewed without changing the source applications, greatly simplifying support and migration." CNET User Review - BJ.

    "Excellent Program! Works as advertised. Simple interface, once installed never have to revisit. We use it for Unix reports generated from our business Client and it works flawlessly." CNET User Review - PeterF.

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    Partial List of Current and Past Clients of RptView (Report Viewer) Allen County Hospital - Kansas Associated Grocers of the South - Alabama Buffets, Inc. - Minnesota Conso International, Inc - South Carolina EMI Christian Music Group - Tennesee Goodyear Tire & Rubber - Akron Hyundai Electronics America Leanin Tree Inc - Colorado

    Lewis Marine Supply Inc. - Florida L-3 Communications - Florida Monsanto - Missouri Moog Automotive, Inc. - Missouri Shell Oil Company - Texas Southwest Reinsure, Inc. - New Mexico Stearns & Lehman Inc. - Ohio The Services Group Inc. - Illinois Tetco, Inc. - Texas

    Associated Computer Solutions Pty Ltd - Australia BMG Music Publishing International - United Kingdom EMI Music Publishing - UK Hong Kong Baptist Hospital - Hong Kong Interbrew UK McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited - Canada Royal Doulton Canada Limited SOLA Optical - Australia

    Cooperative de Ahorro y Credito de Juana Dfaz - Puerto Rico First Data Corporation - Nebraska First Union Bank GE Financial Assurance Scotia Bank De Puerto Rico

    City of Arlington Texas Department of Revenue - State of Illinois Marshall County Iowa Northern Kentucky Water District Oklahoma Department of Corrections School District of Palm Beach County Florida U.S. Armed Services, Rock Island Arsenal U.S. Geological Survey

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    DREC Enterprises is a sole-proprietor company.

    As a Client company (a.k.a. DREC Software), DREC Enterprises has been in business since 1995.

    As a self-publishing book author, DREC Enterprises has been in business since 2007.

    DREC Enterprise is registered with Dun and Bradstreet (Search for DREC Enterprises, State Nebraska)

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    RptView (Report Viewer) Pricing and Ordering Prices range from $95 for a single user license to $1,725 for a Single Professional, Unlimited User license. Mulitiple Professional, Company-Wide, Notebook Deployment, and Distribution Licenses are available. Contact DREC Enterprises / Client for specific pricing.
  • Single Professional, Unlimited User - $1,725
  • 250 Notebook/Standalone Deployment - $1,725
  • Order directly from DREC Enterprises / Utility by Purchase Order or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX). (Custom Orders and Upgrades can only be ordered through DREC Enterprises / Software.) RptView32 Order Form (Fetch rvorder.txt)

    Order Online. RptView32 Online Order Link

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    RptView32 (Report Viewer) V.6 Help File (Fetch RptVw32.hlp.)

    This Self-Installing EXE has been tested on WINDOWS 7 64-bit and Vista 32-bit. It should also work on other OS. RptView32 (Report Viewer) (32-bit) V. Self-Installing EXE Evaluation Copy (Fetch

    This Self-Installing EXE will work on XP 32-bit. RptView32 (Report Viewer) (32-bit) V. Self-Installing EXE Evaluation Copy (Fetch

    RptView32 (Report Viewer) (32-bit) V. Manual Install - Zipped Files Evaluation Copy (Fetch - Requires manual installation and setup. See the included RV32INSL.TXT.)

    RptView32 (Report Viewer) (32-bit) V. Replacement Exe Only (Fetch

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    Bug Fix Announcements Version 6.1.2 fixes an exception error when GreenBar was set to None. Back to Index Key Words and Phrases

    Mainframe, reports, viewer, report viewer, ASCII, ASCII Reports, COLD, Zipped Reports, report printer, printer, ERP, FTP, JCL

    Back to Index Other DREC Enterprises Products Balancing the Scales of Justice with Forgiveness and Repentance BSJFR Cover Page Click the below link for further product and ordering information. Balancing the Scales of Justice with Forgiveness and Repentance Back to Index Contact Information DREC Enteprises 1633 W A St Lincoln, NE 68522-1259 USA Email Address: Website: Fx Last Updated 02/21/2010 Hosted by Hostway Back to Index Other Recommended Products For rapid development of applications, including Windows, .NET, Ruby, JAVA, PHP, and others, check out products from CodeGear. CodeGear Products For Secured File Transfer Protocol check out WS_FTP Server Pro Client and WS_FTP Server Portable from IPSwitch. IPSwitch Products

    For task/event scheduling try AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler or LaunchPad from Cypress Technologies. Cypress Technologies Products

    For an open source implementation of Windows on Intel Unix, including Linux, see Wine. Wine Development HQ

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    DREC Enterprises Copyright 1995 - 2010 DREC Enterprises. All rights reserved.  

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    David Edwards
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    Phone: 1-781-449-2065 Anytime by chance

    The best time to reach me by telephone is 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM Eastern time most days except Wednesdays, which is evenings only.
    I am at my computer and telephone during this time answering e-mails, returning
    phone calls from the previous day and processing orders for the days shipments.

    Fax: 1-781-449-2065 Anytime

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