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Free Download Event Log Explorer - MajorGeeks

Event Log Explorer enables you quickly diagnose many issues that are generated within Windows.

Analysis of events recorded in Security, System, Application, Directory Service, DNS, and other logs of Microsoft Windows operating systems get much faster and really effective with its powerful event search and filtering engine. You can easily filter events in the list by any criteria. Every filter can be saved into a file - this saves your time when you want to re-apply the filter in future.

Unlike standard Windows Event Viewer, Event Log Explorer can print event logs or even separate events. You can also export your event logs to other formats. At the time, Event Log Explorer supports export to HTML, Microsoft Excel, and tab-separated text files. For effective event analysis, Event Log Explorer features advanced reporting tools — Analytical Reports allowing you to build different summary tables and summary diagrams.

Event Log Explorer Features:

  • Access Windows event logs and event log files on local and remote servers and workstationsSupport of both classic Windows NT event log format (EVT files) and new (Crimson) event log format (EVTX files)
  • High performance — all events are loaded either into memory or into an optimized internal local database
  • Passive monitoring and alerting — get informed about problems immediately
  • Event log consolidation — you can consolidate different events in one place
  • Log loading options to pre-filter event logs
  • Advanced filtering by any criteria including event description text
  • Manual and automatic backup of event logs
  • Print and export to different formats
  • Analytical reports - summary tables and pivot charts
  • Credential manager

  • Customer reviews: Maxell AirStash Expandable ...

    Best way to get unlimited storage on iPhone/iPad or any wifi capable device!

    The Airstash+ is the greatest addition to any IOS device owners arsenal. When I purchased the new iPad 3, I realized that after syncing my existing iPhoto from my Macbook, the amount of storage used was vastly increased. Because of the retina display, iPhoto increased the size of the transfer to take advantage of the new resolution. I was glad I got the 64 GB version, but realized I would need to better manage my photo storage on the iPad. Should I only carry the most recent photos or some other method of selecting which photos to sync?

    As a typical hoarder (collector), I found another option. I had recently read about a new product called AirStash+, a solution waiting for a problem. This device does what Apple denies you the ability to do..... increase storage on IOS Devices and copy items both ways!!!

    It used to be available without a SD card for $99, but the improved version is now available with an 8 GB card for $140 on Amazon. (16GB also available)

    This small rechargeable battery device about the size of a pack of gum creates a wifi network that shares everything on a SD card with any b/g/n wifi capable device 802.11 using html browsers. SD and SDHC cards(FAT formatted) up to 32GB can be used. SDXC cards are currently supported when formatted in FAT32 format. These cards range from 64GB to 2TB.

    No need to jailbreak iPhone or iPad to read or write to the inserted SD card. The IOS app enables read and write as well as allowing you to watch movies, view jpeg files, play mp3s, mp4s, open pdfs, iWork files (Numbers, Pages, Keynote) without skipping a beat! And up to 8 people can use the Airstash+ at same time! Each person could watch a different movie, play a mp3 or view a jpeg all wirelessly within 20 foot radius.

    Using the AirStash IOS app, you connect to the device and start adding and removing files. You can charge using any USB port and it shows up as a storage device when plugged into a computer. The Airstash allows you to stream large movie files and documents directly from the device, freeing up space on your iPhone or iPad -- a boon for those who may want to watch movies or store PDFs or documents for viewing on the go. The Airstash lasts seven hours on one charge.

    I always wanted to back up my pictures on vacation without a computer. I have always been able to import the pictures from my SD cards onto my iPad using Apple's Camera Connection Kit, but I couldn't back up the photos on the iPad or iPhone without internet access. With the AirStash+, I can copy the files to and from an SD card ...... thus backing up while traveling!The AirStash app is constantly being updated.

    Since purchasing my AirStash, there have been 2 freeware updates ! They keep improving the firmware. It is accomplished by an easy Free Download process. You copy the downloaded update to the AirStash and then click eject on your mac to install update. After it quits blinking, you can unplug it. I inserted a 32 GB SD card into the AirStash+ and plugged the usb into my mac like a normal usb thumb drive. I then copied all my pictures and many other files I wanted to have available when I travel!

    After ejecting the drive from computer, I pressed the power swith on the Airstash and the light blinked telling me it was on. I then changed my wifi network on my iPad to select the AirStash network and presto I am connected. I could use Safari or any other browser to goto [...] or for better quality and additional functions run the free AirStash+ IOS app, I downloaded from Apple's App Store. This enabled me to run or copy any file on my SD card!

    I also was able to save files from any program that supports WebDav! (Pages, Keynote, iPhoto, Numbers, GoodReader, iFiles, PDF Professional, Air Sharing, RiddleDocs.

    It is like we now have unlimited storage in & out of your IOS device!

    Links to instructions on how to copy form iPad Programs to Airstash

    Pages: [...]Keynote: [...]Numbers: [...]OmniGraffle: [...]Cyberduck (Windows & Mac OS X): [...]iFiles: [...]WebDAV Navigator: [...]GoodReader: [...]ReaddleDocs: [...]PDF Expert: [...]Air Sharing: [...]


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