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File Transfer Protocol Voyager is designed as a full-blown transfer of file client that boasts synchronization and scheduling capabilities. It also includes support for secure transfer of file protocols over IPv4 and IPv6.

Highly customizable interface

The interface appears a bit complicated and crowded at first but at closer inspection the application reveals its customization options. Most of the panels are configurable to some extent, either by displacing them to a new location or just resizing them for a better fit of the content they hold.

The main application window can hold all the panels necessary for viewing both the remote files and the local ones as well as the transfer queue, log screen and a preview area for media files.

Tabs allow opening multiple locations at once and switching between them quickly and easily. This is available for local data and remote content on multiple File Transfer Protocol connections.


File Transfer Protocol Voyager offers the possibility to store connectivity details to multiple remote locations internally but it also allows connecting quickly straight from the main screen.

The application also includes the necessary tool to help you spot the differences between two folders. There is also the possibility to run a comparison job, which relies on color coding in order to highlight the differences and similarities.

Synchronizing of two folders is also available in the product and the operation can be initiated after comparing the two locations according to user-set parameters.

Available as a separate module, the sheduling console can help you program various tasks (Fetch, upload, backup, file synchronization, deleting local/remote path, running external programs) to be initiated at a specific time.


File Transfer Protocol Voyager is brimming with features and options. It is more than enough for the average user and even experienced users might be impressed by its set of features and capabilities.

However, working with it may not be as simple as one might expect and in some cases additional details in the documentation file about a component would come in handy.

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  • Synchronization

    Through its intuitive interface, FTP Voyager supports both manual and automated folder synchronization involving more than a hundred thousand files at a time.

  • Scheduled Transfers

    Anyone can automate file transfers using FTP Voyager’s intuitive scheduler. Scripts are supported but never required.

  • Post-Transfer Actions

    Send email, delete files, run programs, shut down and perform other actions after you transfer files through File Transfer Protocol Voyager.

  • Free Download FTP Surfer 1.0.7 -

    FTP Surfer is an easy to use FTP Client that comprises an intuitive GUI and plenty of features to be aimed at rookies and more experienced users alike.

    The well-organized layout provides instant access to its main features, thus letting beginners start using the application without any prior configuration.

    With a very familiar design that reminds us of Internet Explorer, File Transfer Protocol Surfer comes with a favorites menu too, which means that you can always bookmark the folders you access the most to load them with just one click. Additionally, drag and drop support is of course available, so file transfers can be instantly started by dragging a folder from one panel to another.

    Custom commands are supported too, and so are multiple Professional connections, while a history menu gives you the option to quickly connect to a location you’ve access in the past.

    The configuration screen isn’t the best we’ve seen, but it still provides plenty of options, some of which seem more appropriate for those with advanced computer experience.

    Nevertheless, File Transfer Protocol Surfer allows users to configure connection, Fetch and upload, firewall, ASCII files support and index files.

    The good thing is that File Transfer Protocol Surfer doesn’t hamper system performance and it works flawlessly on all Windows versions, without the need for administrator privileges on Windows 7 workstations. On the other hand, it lacks more user-friendly tools, such a connection wizard to assist users while trying to set up new servers.

    All things considered, File Transfer Protocol Surfer is a tool that does its job, but it still needs some improvements. It’s completely paid and comes with a well-developed help section to provide more information on the built-in features.

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