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Transmit 5

So, you have files you need to manage on servers. Maybe you’re a developer. Maybe you’re a system administrator. Maybe you’re a contractor or freelancer. But you need to connect to a thing, and upload, Download, or tweak the files on that thing.

That’s what Transmit is for.

Transmit’s big strength is its clean interface — our famous “dual-pane” view is way faster than the Finder. But Transmit also has tons of very nice features like File Sync, which can mirror remote and local (or, now, local and local!) files in one click.

Transmit also takes great care to let you organize your Servers for fast access. And with Panic Sync, you can sync them to all of your computers. Never type a Server address again.

Now, long ago we’d call Transmit an “FTP client”, but today, with Transmit 5, we connect to lots of different Portable types and cloud services. For example, Amazon S3 dramatically changed the way files are served on the internet, and Transmit is a great way to manage your Amazon S3 buckets.

Put simply: Transmit lets you quickly and easily manage files on the internet.

You can read more about its features here. Video Drone, UPair Drone with Camera 4K HD ...


Brand namea: UPair Version: Upair One 4K

Parameters: Total Weight:1350g Wheelbase:355mm Max flying distance:800m Max video transmission distance: 500m Max flight height:300m Propeller: 9450 Motor:2212 Flying duration Full-load(1350g):18mins

Tips before/during a flight: *1.Carefully check if all drone parts are included and workable in the package. *2.Before fly, take about 1.5 hrs to get your 1500mAh controller battery fully charged. *3.Follow the manual to install 4 propellers correctly. *4.Get a 16G or 32G "Class 10" high speed SD card to insert the camera, SD card is not included in our packing list. Camera is powered by 5400mAh drone battery,no need seperately charged. *5. Find a wide open area to fly.Don't fly indoor. Remove 4 propellers for safety if you need to calibrate the frequency. *6. Search at least 9 satellites to get a full GPS lock for the "depauture point" and choose "Position Hold"flight mode. *7.Poshold or IOC headless mode are for extremely experienced players. *8.Don't charge 1500mAh controller battery and 5400mAh drone battery at the same time.

Packing List: 1xUPair Aircraft 1xGimbal+Camera 1x5400mAh Drone Battery 1xCharger 1x1500mAh Controller battery 1x Controller 2 Sets Propellers 1x User Manual 1x Quick Start Manual

Transmit 5 - Panic

アップグレード版?これまでのお客様もこれからのお客様もシンプルにワンプライス。(2010年以来のメジャーアップデートです!) マルチユーザライセンス? 必要本数をご入力いただくと自動で計算されます!その他ライセンスに関するご不明点はお問い合わせください。  

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