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WinSCP vs FTPClient - IT Tutorials

Download File Transfer Protocol If you are a webmaster then probably you use an FTP Software to update web files on a web Server regularly. I frequently use an FTP Software to update this blog, and some other websites I have, and to do that I use either File Zilla or WinSCP FTP Software. but the question is, which client is better and why?

What is the difference between FTPClient and winscp (FTP/scp ...

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To be honest, haven't used winscp, but according to what i've read, they're both just file transfer clients, so they pretty much do the same thing. It's a matter of preference I guess as to which one you like more. For me, it's FileZilla, never had a problem with it.

Nothing much. Interface and ease of use is usually the biggest difference between File Transfer Protocol clients, since they all tend to include SFTP capabilities.

For the most basic user, (s)FTP clients are just a matter of preference to the user. I've never actually used File Zilla, so I'm not entirely sure if it isn't an option. But in WinSCP I have it set up to where I can login as a normal user, but it executes the SSH Transfer of File Protocol-Professional with sudo so that I can manage Professional configs through it while keeping the root account locked out.

WinSCP has an auto-upload feature, where it monitors your local folders and automatically uploads anything that changes.

Other than that, I prefer FTPClient.  

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