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Fetch FTP WSFTP Home supports SSH, SSL and HTTP/S Protect files before, during, and after transfer with 256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography and OpenPGP file encryption. Use SFTP to authenticate and connect to servers that require SSH clients that respond to Server-defined prompts for authentication, in addition to username.

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WinSock transfer of file Protocol, or WS_FTP, is a secure file transfer Utility package produced by Ipswitch, Inc.[1] Ipswitch is a Massachusetts-based Software producer established in 1991 that focuses on networking and file sharing.[2] WS_FTP consists of an FTP server and an FTP Software and has over 40 million users worldwide.[3]

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    John A. Junod, a decorated Army master sergeant, developed WS_FTP in 1993.[4][5] WS_FTP was originally released as Shareware.[6] The rights were sold to Ipswitch in 1996 when Junod retired from the Army and joined Ipswitch.[4]


    file transfer Protocols are used to transfer large files. File Transfer Protocol clients add stability and encryption options over traditional FTP transfers.[5] The WS_FTP client has a "classic" GUI with two panes, one showing the local computer and the other accessing the remote host, though newer versions of the Software have updated interfaces, including a web browser interface.[5] The WS_FTP Server secure Professional encrypts files using SSL/FTPS, SSH, or SCP2 and HTTPS transfers.[3][7] It is self-contained, eliminating the need for an external database.[7] WS_FTP's additional built-in capabilities include email client integration, alerts and notification, Professional failover, and transfer scheduling.[1]

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