Ordering Information

David Edwards
56 Dale Street, Dept. A
Needham Heights, MA 02494-1218
(Send mail to this address, not my
PO Box, for the fastest service)

Phone: 1-781-449-2065 Anytime by chance

The best time to reach me by telephone is 6AM to 9AM Eastern time most days except Wednesdays which is evenings only.
I am at my computer and telephone during this time answering e-mails, returning
phone calls from the previous day and processing orders for the days shipments.

Fax: 1-781-449-2065 Anytime
(It is the same as my phone number)

For US Customers*: You can order COD or by PayPal if available to you,
or you can prepay with a personal check, bank check or money order.

IMPORTANT: I would like all customers to supply their phone number. I do my shipping
labels with USPS on-line and USPS has a place to enter your phone number.

As of March 1st, 2005, most of the orders I ship will be sent by USPS Priority
mail instead of
UPS. There are two major reasons for this change in my shipping policy.

1. UPS charges have become excessive for residential delivery addresses, especially for residential outlying
areas. Most of my customers are residential and over half are in the outlying areas. If
UPS shipping is required
for a residential address, (even if operating a business at the address), there will be an additional shipping charge.

2.  USPS has added three new "Flat Rate" boxes, two different standard fees for any weight (up to 70 pounds) to a US
address. One fee for the two smaller sizes and a higher fee for the largest box. This includes Puerto  Rico, Alaska
and Hawaii plus most other locations with a US Zip Code. This has made my
USPS shipping costs to the Western
USA and outside the Continental USA substantially less, plus it has improved this delivery time dramatically,
two to three days in the Continental US, instead of four to seven days, a huge benefit for these customers.

2a. On January 2nd, 2011,  USPS added four new "Regional Flat Rate" boxes. They are for their new service, "Priority
Mail® Regional Rate Box™ Service". Read about them here: http://www.usps.com/shipping/regionalratebox.htm

2b. On January 2nd, 2011,  USPS also added a new padded "Flat Rate"
envelope which costs 70¢ more to ship than their standard envelope

I ship USPS orders to anywhere, that has US Zip Code, for the same price as to anywhere in the Continental USA.

COD orders by E-Mail,  phone or Fax are accepted from US customers* only. For USPS (US Post
Office) COD, I charge $6.00 for up to $50.00,  $8.00 for up to $100.00, $9.00 for up to $200.00 and
a maximum of $10.00 for orders over $200.00. The
UPS COD charge is $11.50 for any size order.
*This includes almost any customer with a US zip code that pays in US dollars)

If USPS COD is used to ship your order you can pay the Post Office with a personal check or
money order made out to "David Edwards", DO NOT make it out to The POSTMASTER! 
or you can pay with cash. If you pay with  cash there will be a USPS fee for a Postal Money Order.

If UPS COD is used, and since UPS no longer accepts cash you must pay UPS, on delivery of your
order, with a personal check, money order, cashier's check or bank check made out to "David Edwards".

For Canadian Customers:
You must either prepay with a Canadian Postal Money Order in US funds, a check
drawn on a US bank made out in US funds or you can use PayPal if qualified. COD is not available at this time.

For International Customers: You must either prepay with a check drawn on a US bank
 made out in US funds or you can use PayPal if available to you. COD is not available.

Going into effect on January 27th, 2013 is a major postage price increase for International customers.
 It will be approximately 30 to 55% higher. As an example, what I have been charging $54.00
for, via Priority Mail, will now be $66.00. All other orders will be priced accordingly.

Also if you can't or won't use PayPal you can use Western Union to send the
payment.  I understand that they charge 4% to 5% of the amount you are
transferring for this service.  It is very quick and I get paid  immediately. The
parts would normally ship one to two days after you send the payment.

For Canadian and other International Customers: To get the approximate United States Postal Service (USPS)
  delivery times and shipping costs Click here. I will advise you of the actual S & H cost that you will be charged.
(There is also an additional added guaranteed delivery cost included in the S & H, the maximum will be $4.00.)

I am not setup to take credit cards directly, for information for paying by
Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express click on PayPal below.

I accept PayPal for any size order

Notice: New PayPal Rules effective July 1, 2004
"With a recent improvement to Website Payments, PayPal no
longer requires your customers to create a PayPal account."
"Now your customers can complete their payments first, and then decide
whether to save their information for future PayPal transactions."

An order for any rebuilding kit or overhaul kit that is $140.00 or over or any
other order over $400.00 will be postpaid anywhere in the Continental USA.

For any Continental USA orders under $500.00, except for rebuilding kits or overhaul kits,
($140.00 or over), there will be a minimum of $3.00 to a maximum of $11.00 shipping charge.

MASSACHUSETTS Residents must add 5% Sales Tax

: info@autotran.us or order@autotran.us