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g. The selector has one additional quadrant position--"PARK" --in addition to neutral, DR-4 or Drive-left, DR-3 or Drive-right, and reverse. jhmCpg83.gif (217688 bytes)
h. While many other changes have been made, those listed above are the most notable in terms of operation and service. Operation is smoother and durability is improved. And servicing is more simple. For example, there is no longer any need for band adjustments, accessibility of some parts has been improved, and more elements can be serviced separately.

NOTE: The fluid clutch is also a fluid coupling. It replaces the old front
unit clutch pack and, when filled with oil, provides direct drive.

c. The rear unit with its neutral clutch, sprag clutch, rear clutch, and planetary gearset. jhmCpg83.gif (217688 bytes)
d. The reverse unit with its planetary gearset, stationary cone, reverse clutch apply piston.

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