Please specify year and model when ordering

All rebuilding kits include the front and rear seal, all of the paper
& rubber parts (gaskets, o'rings, lip seals, etc.), 4-7 metal sealing
rings and the clutch plates [both the friction* and steel* plates].
*[1948-56 has five(5) of each and the 1957-63 has six(6) of each]

The bands, bushings & washers are not included.

Dynaflow Rebuilding Kit Prices






Buick S40-60* 1948-51 Dynaflow $190.00
Buick S70* 1948-51 Dynaflow $190.00
Buick S40-50** 1951-52 Dynaflow $190.00
Buick S70** 1951-52 Dynaflow $190.00
Buick 1953-54 Dynaflow $190.00
Buick 1955 Dynaflow (Twin Turbine) $190.00
Buick 1956 Dynaflow (Twin Turbine) $190.00
Buick 1957-58 Dynaflow (Twin Turbine) $205.00
Buick 1959-60 Dynaflow (Twin Turbine) $205.00
Buick 1961-63 Dynaflow (Twin Turbine) $205.00
Cadillac*** 1953 Dynaflow $190.00
Oldsmobile*** 1953 Dynaflow $190.00

*With paper torus gasket
**With rubber o'ring for torus
***Due to the Hydramatic Plant fire in 1953

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An order for any rebuilding kit or overhaul kit that is $140.00 or over or any
other order over $500.00 will be postpaid anywhere in the Continental USA.

For Continental USA orders under $500.00, there will be a $3.50 to $16.00 shipping charge.

E-mail COD orders accepted, up to a maximum USPS charge of $18.00.

As UPS no longer accepts cash, you must pay them by personal
check, company check or money
order made out to David Edwards.

I am not setup to take credit cards directly, for information for paying by
Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express click on PayPal below.

I accept PayPal for any size order
(there is no additional cost to you for using PayPal)
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Must have street address to ship orders via UPS

MASSACHUSETTS Residents Add 6% Sales Tax

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